5 reasons to book a motorhome holiday in Portugal


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Portugal is not a big country, but it is a unique one. It has an old history, a rich culture, beautiful countryside and lively city centres. It is home to glamorous beaches, green mountains, desert like landscapes and multiple vineyards. Due to all of this, Portugal is one of my favourite holiday destinations in Europe.

Portugal is one of the warmest countries in Europe, having an average year round temperature of around 17°C. Winters can be windy and rainy, but spring, summer and autumn are lovely times to visit Portugal. This is especially true if you want to take a self-drive tour of the country, which is something that I highly recommend.

A motorhome is by far the best way to get around Portugal and truly get a feel for this beautiful country. Not only is this a cost effective way to get around and explore, but it is also loads of fun. If you are considering hiring a motorhome to explore the country here are 5 reasons to book a motorhome holiday in Portugal.

  • Transport is a bit limited


There is a total of 1,731 miles of railway in Portugal, though it does not cover the entire country. Trains are comfortable, fast and in great condition when available, but unavailable for discovering some of the countries less travelled areas. Buses do reach pretty much all corners of the country but I personally find them to be a bit on the uncomfortable side.

I find that getting around by motorhome means that I can do so at my own pace and in a great deal of comfort. It is also much more convenient, as I can start my day when I would like and can make as many stops as I wish to make before reaching my final destination.

  • Roads are in good condition


Roads are well-maintained and well sign posted. Some of the smaller routes are not in as great condition as the major routes but if you plan on travelling on these routes you can hire a 4WD motorhome. Still, you can easily get around the entire country on major highways. In addition, driving here is pretty much the same as it is throughout the rest of Europe, with driving being on the right-hand side.

  • Convenient depot locations


There are motorhome depots in Lisbon, Faro and Porto as well as at its three major airports; Lisbon Airport, Faro Airport and Porto Airport. This means that no matter which region of Portugal you wish to explore by motorhome you can arrange to pick-up a vehicle in a city in that region; be it Northern Portugal, South Central Portugal or Southern Portugal.

Arrange to hire a motorhome in Lisbon to explore the historical cities in South Central Portugal, the UNESCO World HeritageCoa Valley, Cabo da Roca and the Silver Coast. To enjoy the stunning beaches along the Algarve coast I recommend hiring a vehicle in Faro, while Porto is the gateway to Portugal’s Peneda-Gerês National Park and some spectacular countryside.

  • Selection


Portugal has a great selection of motorhomes available to suit all types of visitors travelling on various budgets. I usually opt for a smaller motorhome with toilet and shower facilities, such as Euromotorhome’s Group B, though the class 0 – sunviling surf 700 by Camperline is also a comfortable vehicle. If you are looking for a bit more space there are motorhomes available that can sleep up to seven people, like Enviro Campers’ GF model or the Big Sky – H.

Whether you are travelling as a couple, asmall family or a large group a motorhome can be arranged at any of the six depots listed above. All motorhomes are spacious and comfortable and are equipped with a CD player, a fridge and air conditioning, among other things.

  • Convenience


This is probably the most important reason to book a motorhome holiday in Portugal. Self-drive is a convenient and fun way to get around the country at your own pace. You can explore the mountains, relax on picturesque beaches or visit historical towns all in one vacation. You can also just focus on things that most appeal to you, like the Algarve Coast, the Portuguese countryside or the wild life and landscapes at the Peneda-Gerês National Park.


Portugal is ranked as one of the world’s 20 most visited countries and this is not hard to see why. Its coastline, mountainous interior and lovely countryside makes it a place that I keep finding myself coming back to, and the culture here is just fascinating. It is rich and unique and can be seen across the entire country; consisting of architecture, visual arts, music and cuisine. A motorhome holiday is by far the best way to not only see Portugal but to also embrace its cultural heritage.

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