Best German Campervan Routes

Germany has long since been a major vacation spot for not only people looking for great history, but also for someone that wants to experience a culture rich in great food and people. You’ll also find yourself easily tempted by mother nature, as green forests and mountains reaching to the sky are in a great abundance. Our top 3 German campervan drives will take you on roads that twist and turn through timeless architecture, dense forests, incredible views from mountains, and much more. The Celtic people that ruled this land in the 5th century BC have helped pave way for those that wish to travel the area now, as Germany still remains one of the best European countries for drivers.

German Campervan Routes

  • 1. The German Castle Road


The German Castle road is a great way to fall back in time, as most of Germany is. On this drive, you’ll find yourself twisting and turning for well over a thousand kilometers. The drive itself actually extends from Mannheim in southwestern Germany to Prague in the Czech Republic. The road itself has over 70 castles and palaces including a bunch of different ruins that are equally historic and amazing. The castle road was first established in 1954 to bring tourism to the area but has since blossomed into what it is today. Of the 70 castles, some of the most famous include the 1000-year-old Castle Hotel Colmberg, known for the views and the ability to actually spend the night year. You’ll also get a chance to see some of the great panoramic views from it as well.You’ll also need to spend some time at Rothenburg ob der Tauber, easily the most preserved medieval town in the whole country of Germany. Among others, you’ll also get to visit the grand Castle of Heidelberg – one of the most famous along the drive.

  • 2. Germany’s Romantic Road


Although Germany’s Romantic Road is much shorter than the Castle Road, it also boasts quite the scenic views and well worth the drive, even though it is only just over 400 kilometers. The Romantic Road has earned its name because of the great views that extend from Franconia to the foothills of the German Alps. Along the way, you’ll pass green pastures, small authentic German towns, castles, monasteries, and so much more.
What was once a trade route in the Middle Ages has now evolved into one of the most scenic drives in all of Europe, where thousands of people a year make the journey.
While on the drive, you’ll certainly need to stop for a day or two in the great city of Würzburg. Würzburg is famous for wineries, fantastic restaurants, and the Residence Palace which is also a World Heritage Site. One of the favorite sites along the way on the Romantic Road is also the Neuschwanstein fairytale castle tucked deeply into the Bavarian Alps. Considered one of the most beautiful castles in the world is surely a treat when driving through Bavaria in your motorhome. It should not be missed.

  • 3. The German Fairy Tale Road


The Brothers Grimm are some of the most infamous writers to ever come out of Germany or even the world, so it makes sense that one of the most popular drives in the country of Germany would feature them somehow! With stories like Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White, one has to wonder where exactly the inspiration came from? Well, you begin your journey 20 kilometers east of Frankfurt in Hanau, before making the 600-kilometer drive across the 50 towns to the city of Bremen that ends the German Fairy Tale Road. This road isn’t just about the Brothers Grimm however, considering along the way you’ll also pass dense dark forests, romantic castles, Timber wood houses, and other lovely scenery. You will not want to miss climbing up the castle that inspired Rapunzel, the Trendelburg Castle. Or the 650-year old castle Sababurg that inspired Sleeping Beauty. You’ll also want to get your hiking shoes on as you trek through the scene of Little Red Riding Hood in the Schwalm Region, known for the deep dark forests that are also calming and quite pleasant year round. This drive will take a few days to surely experience and enjoy!