What are the Key Differences Between a Class C and Class B Motorhome

There are three types of motorhomes available for hire, Class A, B and C. Class A are large vehicles that look somewhat like a bus and are the most costly and luxurious type of motorhome, as well as being the most spacious. Classes B and C are what most people end up driving on their holiday, as these are much smaller and easier to drive.

There are some similarities in Class B and Class C motorhomes as well as some differences. If you are tryingto decide which model is best for you here are some key differences between a Class C and Class B motorhome.

1. Size

Class B motorhomes are often referred to as campervans because this is exactly what they are; converted vans. They are smaller than their Class C counterparts that are medium in size and consist of a truck chassis and specially designed cab. Class B motorhomes can sleep a maximum of four people, while a Class C motorhome can sleep up to eight.

The interior of a Class C motorhome is of course also larger and provides more space to move around in. At the same time, you will have no problem parking a Class B type motorhome as it will even fit in a regular garage. If space is a concern than opt for a Class C type vehicle, if it is not then a Class B will do just fine.

2. Cost

Being the smaller of the two it should be no surprise that a Class B vehicle is the more budget-friendly of the two. As well, you will get better gas mileage when touring around in a Class B campervan than you will in a Class C motorhome. If budget is a concern than a Class B vehicle is the right choice for you. If spaciousness is more important than opt for a Class C vehicle.

3. Facilities

Being larger means that a Class C motorhome will have more facilities, such as a separate toilet and shower. Class B motorhomes have what is called a wet bath, which is basically a toilet, sink and shower all condensed into one small space. In addition, due to lack of space a Class B vehicle will have a small kitchen area with small sink and mini fridge and a portable gas stove for cooking. Class C motorhomes have a built-in kitchenette complete with microwave, built-in hubs and storage space.

Many Class C vehicles also consist of a large living space, which is often a U-shaped rear sofa that converts into a double bed. A Class B will often have a dinette that converts into a double bed but little else in terms of living space. On top of that the Class C often has a great entertainment system, while its sister Class B will often just have a radio with CD player.

4. Make and model

Popular Class B models include the Ford Trader, Mitsubishi Lancer, Toyota Hiace and Isuzu NPR 300. It is even possible to zip around in a classic Volkswagen Campervan. Class C motorhomes are often manufacturedusing a Ford, Dodge, Chevy or Iveco truck chassis with custom built cabs on top.

5. Driving

The Class B motorhome is hands down the safer motorhome to travel around in, as it drives exactly like a van. Class C motorhomes sometimes have a rear overhang, which can make the tail end swing when going around a corner. As well, the over-the-cab bed can be distracting for some drivers.

The sheer size of a Class B motorhome will make it much easier to handle when driving on the open road. It is easier to park, enter cities and explore with, while a Class C is harder to park, drive through cities and go sightseeing in.

6. Family-friendliness

If you have more than one child than a Class B vehicle is not the right choice. A Class C vehicle is much more family-friendly, as it can sleep from four to eight people. Class B motorhomes are suitable for just two people or a couple with a small child.

The entertainment system in a Class C motorhome also makes it a key decision maker in choosing a family-friendly motorhome. These vehicles are equipped with a television and DVD player, which is great for the kids. They also can be fitted with a baby seat, which is not the case in some Class B models.


All motorhomes are designed to suit specific needs, be it for couples, friends or larger families. A Class C motorhome may be the perfect fit for you, while the Class C may be better for others. The most important thing is to research both classes and choose the one that is best for you.

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