Campervan Hiring options in Mozambique

What do you picture when you close your eyes and envision this gem in South Africa? If you visioned paradise, 1,000 km long, full of sandy beaches, smiling faces, and great drives – you’re right. You’ve hit the jackpot for lazy days driving your RV, history for those that want to learn a thing or two, and gorgeous sandy beaches for those who want to lay ocean-side and contemplate life. Don’t be afraid of this wonderful country and the 23 million people who make it their home. Even if you don’t speak Portuguese, you’ll still fall in love with such a gorgeous backdrop, welcoming culture, and windy scenic roads.

With an incredibly in depth history full of conquerors, tribes, and a changing of hands – you’ll want to at least take some time to learn the history that predates even the Portuguese who settled this land in 1505. Swahili, Arabian, and Bantu people hold history equally as fascinating as the next as to their reasons for staying and leaving. Now, with our modern vehicles and recreational habits, we can freely travel this gorgeous land on any of the dozens of scenic roads that spread throughout the 800 thousand square miles. What is offered here is not just beach paradise, one can also enjoy the 2,436 meter peak known as Monte Binga as well.

Mozambique has over 25 rather large rivers, modern and historic art collections, and several separate mountain chains. If this isn’t enough for you, why not take a few days to see some of the ancient relics from hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago? Start your journey anywhere, but most recommended is Maputo. The capital city, with thousands of Acacia trees, is a perfect introduction to Mozambique culture.

Recommended campervan drives in Mozambique

As to some of the things you can do in Mozambique, I bet one of them that doesn’t come up often is the ability for diving. Seeing as how Mozambique is upon the Indian Ocean, world class diving is to be had at hundreds of different reefs and dive sites. See the Niassa Reserve and the 42,000 square kilometers it offers of wetlands, forest, and savannah. See elephants, zebras, and if you are lucky: the endangered wild African dog.

Another great place to get your dose of wildlife is to visit the Gorongosa National Park. When it comes to Africa, people always want to see crocodiles and hippos. This is honestly a great place to start. Also, look in the air. Obviously not when you are near the crocodiles and hippos. This is bird-watcher paradise! Dozens of great safari adventures are at your finger tips when in Mozambique. Plan your budget and get ready for a great time. If you’re not interested in just wildlife, take a trip to some of the many resorts in Pemba or at places like Vilanculos.

What to see and do

Most people will come to Mozambique for the ability to see one (or many) of the great national parks. One of the things many will do after leaving Mozambique is head to the famous Kruger National Park. This is one of the largest game reserves in all of Africa and is 19,633 square kilometers! Maputo is the capital of Mozambique and is only a 1 and a half hour drive to Kruger National Park via R571. If you are looking to get further out, it is only 7 hours to drive to Johannesburg in South Africa from Maputo on the N4.

Many will also take the 2 and a half hour drive from Maputo to Swaziland. The possibilities are literally endless, just be prepared for your drive throughout Africa. The temperatures can range from cold in the night to blistering hot in the day. It is good to be prepared double when making a journey just in case of any unexpected problems.

Mozambique is considered generally safe, but this is one of the areas when in the outskirts and traveling to other countries it is best to keep your guard up. Drive to Cape Town in the south of Africa or continue north if you are feeling brave and well prepared. Make this your jump off point for a true one of a kind adventure.