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Not as large as most cities and a population just under a million makes this gem in Canada a snug little place for one to get comfortable and go sight seeing. Being located in a port in Ontario, it has recently been the backdrop for many famous movies and TV shows over the last 20 years. Knowing this, it is commonly understood that it gets a lot of tourism because of it. Also, behind this it goes to show that it is quite a lovely city for one to adventure around. However, considering it is in Ontario, it is safe to say there is no shortage of things to do. If one is looking for things to do outside the city of Hamilton, it is just as easy to take off and begin to explore the greater region as well.

Hamilton by Motorhome Hire

First and foremost, one must see the Royal Botanical Gardens! One of the most important tourist attractions in the area, it is 980 hectares (2,422 acres) of nature at its finest!

Another of Hamilton’s most notable landmarks is the all-so-famous Dundurn Castle (which was used more as a home then anything else), but it is still a great place for picture taking and tours! Considering Hamilton has 3 golf courses, one of which was used in the 2003 Canadian Open, you can say that it is well known for its love of golf. People come from all over to play the courses here, so if you are into a relaxed lifestyle or getting on your competitive swing – you’ll find happiness here in Hamilton.

If golf however isn’t your thing, and you want to try something a little dark and more macabre then hitting a ball, one can also check out the Haunted Hamilton Ghost Walks. These ghost walks are available all year round and give a gloomy history that most people don’t know – or don’t want to know.

For history buffs, The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum hosts many artifacts dating back from World War 2. Also, for those who think that this is only a big city – it has a surprisingly large amount of trails and hikes. In the surrounding area, there is over 137 km (85 miles) of trails for one to hike and explore! The most famous hike in the area is the Bruce Trail, it is 900 km (560 mi) long and follows the Niagara Escarpment. It has waterfalls, rivers, streams, and an abunance of wonderful wildlife and trees. It is important that one pack accordingly when taking this journey and let others know. Precaution is a must when traveling around forested areas like these.

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Unfortunately, the journey has to be moved along and you have to say goodbye to the comfortable and embracing city of Hamilton. However, do not fret! Many other destinations that have an exceptional reputation are just a quick journey away. Not even just cities, you also have a variety of different landscapes. You can go to the mountains, go to the falls, go wherever you want and find whatever you are searching for. Niagara falls is only an hour away [77km], if you just head on the QEW. Kitchener is a Germanic town that is only an hour away as well, if you take the ON-6 and ON-401. If you are very determined you could also begin your cross country journey here. Yes, it will take quite some time, at 2087 miles or 3357.98km, but this journey of a lifetime will definitely be a relaxing and fun. It is without a doubt able to provide you with some of the most picturesque mountain views you could only dream of. If you are an international traveler, don’t forget – the United States is very close by also!

The reality is that one can surely go anywhere from Hamilton, making it a perfect place to start your exploration. Hamilton to the capital Ottawa is 517km, and taking around 5 hours, but obviously well worth the trip along ON-401 E. Closer is the great city of Toronto at only 69km if you were to take the O-403E and QEW for 50 minutes.