majestic views in Canada
The Yukon is a mountainous region that is unforgiving and should be respected before adventured. Not to say it is not to be done by the inexperienced, it is just said that caution should be used when taking your RV adventure. Pack accordingly with extra clothes and other accessories! The capital of the Yukon is Whitehorse and has a population of only around 24,000.

The Yukon itself only has a population of around 30,000. This simple fact should help you understand how underpopulated the whole entire region is. Aside from that, the people are great and the activities in the snow are plentiful! This city itself is upon the Yukon river and can get very cold, obviously. If you aren’t into snow, you can also experience it during the less snow-heavy months. However, for those looking for a great story to tell and an exciting trip in your RV – Whitehorse is certainly one of the best places to be.

For hiking, one of the most famous activities is Grey Mountain Hike and is 4.6 kilometers.It is an easy beginner hike that takes around an hour. Another famous hike is the long Miles Canyon Hike, which takes around 7 hours. Please be weary that Bears and other wildlife frequent these hikes so it is a good idea to be prepared.

For those who don’t wish to hike, check out the old SS Klondike National Historic Site that was home to one of the ferries that used to run down the Yukon River. Also, see the McBride Museum or relax at some of the hot springs in the area. Young and old alike will enjoy the Yukon. Also, those who seek adventure and want to relax will both find common ground here as well!

Recommended campervan drives Starting From Whitehorse Airport

First and foremost, when deciding to head out make sure you get your free copy of “Canada’s Yukon Highway Map” at a gas station. Not enough can be said about being cautious and using as much safety as possible when it comes to traveling the Yukon. As we mentioned earlier, this is a truly unforgiving place that needs to be respected and well prepared for when it comes to your RV journey.

Check all weather and precautions you can before embarking on something. If you have your passport, a lot of people will drive to Skagway in Alaska (USA) as one of their journeys from Whitehorse. The infamous Klondike Highway was used during the Klondike Gold Rush in 1898 and is still used today. However, now for different reasons. This awesome road stretches from Alaska to Canada and heads through Mountain passes like the picturesque Coast Mountains.

A lot of people will also head to Vancouver for a drive that takes 2-3 days but is well worth the effort. It is 2400km and for the more experienced! Whitehorse to Jasper, AB is another great drive that’ll take you along the Alaskan Highway and give you views of some of the most magnificent terrain this world has to offer.

About the airport

This is an airport that truly has gorgeous scenery,which is actually perfect since the Yukon itself is known for it. Built by the federal Department of Transport in 1940, Erik Nielsen Whitehorse International Airport certainly has a decent amount of history behind itself. In 1942 it changed hands and was actually used for the Royal Canadian Air Force until 1968 when it was then used for civillian use.

It is a relatively small airport, that is used as a gateway to many gorgeous places. Unfortunately, it is only used for airplanes that house around 50 people at a time. Unique enough, this airport is used a lot for putting out forest fires and environmental disasters. Unfortunately, their are only 5 different operators for Whitehorse Airport. Westjet, Condor, Air Canada, Air Canada Express, and Air North. Most of them going to Vancouver, but some fly as far as Frankfurt, Germany.

Also, this is a known stop off for people heading to Alaska. Luckily enough, the plethora of different activities to do in the Yukon is endless and many people don’t ever want to leave. At least, until winter comes and the snow takes over. Be sure to pack accordingly if you’re coming in winter!