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Thinking of touring Croatia in a self drive campervan or motorhome? Have a look at what RVRentalNetwork can offer, self contained and fully equipped motorhomes for hire at all key locations in Croatia including Paula in partnership with Petroni motorhomes. With these partners we can offer an exclusive range of both budget and luxury mobile homes. When you need to hire a camper van in Croatia at the best price, then book with the comparative recreational vehicle web site.

If one heads to the South-eastern Europe and is looking for a place that is steeped in history, national parks, and ancient relics and culture – they need to stop in Croatia. Resting along the infamous Adriatic Coast is one of the most beloved countries for people looking for picturesque photographs. With a changing of temperate to mountainous climates, there’s a little something for everyone. When one visits the great country of Croatia, they can also enjoy the Mediterranean climate of the Baltic Sea – something that people adventure across the world to experience. Those blue waters are quite captivating! With settlements as early as the 7th century, Croatia offers a lovely history of awesome Roman ruins and a diverse mix of old and new. Many people on long road trips will often head into places like Bosnia as well after finishing Croatia. You could also head even further into Serbia or Montenegro.

Thinking of touring Croatia in a self drive campervan or motorhome? Have a look at what RVRentalNetwork can offer, self contained and fully equipped motorhomes for hire at all key locations in Croatia including Paula in partnership with Petroni motorhomes

Rules of the road : Remember to make yourself familiar with driving rules specific to Croatia when touring in your campervan. It is advised for motorhome drivers to use headlights at all times, and you can be fined for use of horn in towns and villages except when in emergency situations.

Book a fully equipped camper , you may add extras during the booking phase, then plan your tour of Croatia. The freedom of the motorhome will enable you to discover the many things of interest that are unique to Croatia. Roads are in general fair to good condition, though drivers should be wary of slow moving vehicles when exploring the more rural areas, and we advise keeping headlight on dip even during daytime. Camp ground facilities in Croatia are of acceptable standards, with many new RV parks sprouting up each year. However, we recommend planning your RV adventure driving routes and stop-overs in advance of your camper holiday. We also provide a good selection of campervans to hire in Estonia with Petroni.

Can you hire a campervan in Croatia?

You can hire a campervan in Croatia at Dubrovnik airport, Paula Airport . Split airport, Zadar airport and Zagreb  with Croaitia campervan hire suppliers that  include McRent Croatia and Petroni Croatia 

Recommended Campervan Rental Drives in Croatia

Adriatic Highway :

Croatia truly offers an extensive variety of different climates and terrains, making a drive through the country offer a different setting for a different mood. All of which are beautiful, of course!

Obviously, one of the most important drives in Croatia is the Adriatic Highway. This is considered one of the top 10 drives in the world and has long since been a favourite for people from all over the map. This drive runs along the cliffs and beaches of the Adriatic Sea, where clear blue water is constantly on the side of you ready to be swam in! The drive actually extends into Bosnia and Montenegro in certain parts. This 643-kilometer drive is famous for cities like Split and Dubrovnik. Split is famous, like most places in Croatia, the vast amount of Roman ruins, as is Dubrovnik.

Plitvice National Park :

While in Dubrovnik, you could also head to the capital of Croatia, which is Zagreb. The drive is actually around 6 and a half hours, but we mention this because you’ll get to pass so many important sights that Croatia has to offer. The E71 itself travels through places like Plitvice National Park, which is considered one of the most lovely national parks in Southeastern Europe, but it is also one of the oldest in the area as well. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is truly life changing and people come from all over to see it!

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