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Welcome to a place where sometimes you can get 24 hours of sunlight and see some of the most impressive atmospheric sights one can view from the earth. Cold temperatures and warm people make this a great place to start a holiday at, but it should be once again said that there are some seriously cold temperatures in Finland. 10 kilometers (6 miles) south of the Arctic Circle is the city known as Rovaniemi. It is located in Finland’s northernmost province, Lapland. While obviously gorgeous, it should be said first to pack accordingly when coming here for your RV expedition. With its historic roots reaching back to the Stone Age, it is easily known as being a place for history buffs and people searching out gorgeous nature.

This combination of factors makes it a top destination for motorhome and campervan holidays for the outdoor traveler. Seeing as how it still has fresh and unspoiled nature, we can say with certainty that one of the most notable types of people who come here are those in search of forests and wildlife. Whether one is in search of Santa Claus, see the midnight sun and enjoy 24 hours of sunlight, see auroras, dog sledding, or ride a snowmobile – let this Finnish city change your life. Although the city was destroyed by the Germans in 1944, the new village built here is equally as gorgeous and fun.

Many campervan hire tour routes exist, one of the more famous drives is the drive from Helsinki to Rovaniemi on route 4, where most will stop in cities like Jyvaskyla if they are tired. The 9-12 hour drive, 849 km, is a gorgeous and scenic drive that should be done with caution due to the weather and forests. Watch for animal life and ice. Most people will also take the Bothnian Coast Road, 900-kilometre-long and not the fastest, from north to south. This 16 hour drive is very scenic, passing many UNESCO World Heritage sites and National Parks.

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Recommended campervan drives starting from Rovaniemi

Many people don’t know this, but Santa Claus is actually living in a village called Rovaniemi. Don’t believe us? Go there, you’ll find hundreds of people who say exactly the same. The people you ask aren’t crazy, neither! Rovaniemi is also a center of education in Finnish Lapland. Santa Claus Village is 8 km north of Rovaniemi and features things like ice sculptures and sledding when it is snowy! Santa also makes his appearance for the families, so make sure you don’t miss him while you are there. Not only is Santa there, but a center for science at the Pilke Science Centre. Learn about different scientific processes about the products in this cold land. If Santa isn’t your thing, you can also dive into German Soldier Cemetery located in the middle of nowhere. Started in World War 2, it’s a very quiet place for one to remember those that sacrificed. There is also a Lutheran church that was built in 1950 at Ounasvaarantie 16.

If that’s not enough of a reason to convince you, do something different and go to the Arctic Golf Finland and have a 9 hole game. Or, relax and go to the Santamus. This resort has live music, gourmet dinners, and a sauna and Jacuzzi.

Finally, one cannot leave this area without trying some of its unique eating such as sautéed reindeer (poronkäristys). Get it like a steak or even get it in a soup – if you’re not a vegetarian, it’s definitely a must have! Eat some reindeer and head out to go drink the Finnish night away, if there is any. Considering, it’s daylight for most the time part of the year!

Rovaniemi & Nearby Attractions

For most people wanting to journey out of Rovaniemi, Sodankylä in Lapland is largely considered. Known for it’s wild and unspoiled forest, make this journey and you will never forget it. It’s only 129 km via route 932 and 954. Please check weather conditions before your journey. Kittilä, also in Lapland is 151 km and is also famous as a next destination. Take route 79 to get here. Like all next destinations, please once again be advised on weather. With the relatively small size of Finland, you can even cross over to Sweden quite easily!

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