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Brest, One of France’s Stunning Natural Harbours

On France’s West Atlantic coast sits the city of Brest. It is one of country’s cities with a long history of navigation and stunning natural harbours. It is also the second largest administrative centres in Brittany. Brest was heavily bombed in the 1940’s, but was able to rebuild itself with the future in view. A notable structure like the Ponte L’Iroise Bridge is one of the results of the architectural developments in this region. Europe’s one-of-a-kind ocean discovery centre, Océanopolis, is one of the destinations that draw marine-loving visitors to the wonderful city of Brest.

Brest Camping Car Rental

Must-see destinations

If it is just a short break you’re planning and your chosen destination is France, then, Brest is the destination for you. This is a compact city that’s easy to go to and get around. It’s a great place to relax and take a break since it has a lot to offer.

Going around town is not at all difficult, thanks to buses and trams available throughout the city. However, a motor home is among the best options when visiting this city because there are too many seaside destinations and cultural and historical attractions you need to see.

Océanopolis is a great destination for the whole family. It features three thematic pavilions which represent the tropical, polar, and temperate regions. You will discover the world’s oceans in this giant aquarium that’s dubbed as one of a kind in Europe.

If you love paintings, craft models, and sculptures, visit the Navy Museum which is housed in a castle. If it is historic exhibits you love, the Tanguy Tower near the Recouvrance Bridge is the best place to go to.

There’s also the art gallery at 24 Rue Traverse and the famous botanical garden and greenhouses at the Vallon du Stang Alar.

For seafood lovers, there’s the Le Crabe Marteau which offers unpretentious and fresh seafood. If you love Breton style seafood and rustic and non-fancy table settings while eating the freshest local fish, crabs, and other seafood specialties, this is the place to visit and enjoy.

The quayside attractions in Brest are also among the main attractions in the area. Visit the docks along Quai Commandant-Malbert to see the lighthouses, hundreds of colourful buoys, wooden boats being built in the shipyards, the legendary schooner La Recouverance, and one of the world’s powerful tugboats, the Abeille-Flandres.

If you crave a bit of physical activity while enjoying natural sceneries and spots, you can explore the Monts d’Arrée. You can go mountain biking along its trails or take a hike up to the highest summit that Brittany has to offer. Or you can go to the countryside and enjoy the wooded areas for an energizing walk.

Thinking of shopping in Brest? You should go to Plougastel for the freshest strawberries and Armor Lux for stripy marinier’s top. If you love bags, you will find local stores which sells bags made of old sails.

If you plan your trip to Brest in July 2016, you are in for a treat. Make sure to do so if you wish to experience the Les Tonnerres de Brest which only happens every four years. This event is a spectacle of thousands of boats from all over the world and it is witnessed by millions of visitors.

Campervan Camping Parks in Brest

RV camping in Brest is not just for sleep and rest, but for a great experience all in all. Within the city, you can go to Campsite Le Goulet. This campsite is located by the sea, so you will enjoy a great view of the sea while the sun is rising. It offers facilities and pitches for motor homes, internet access, bathrooms, and many other features.

Less than an hour away from Brest are Camping de Lanniouarn and Camping de Rodaven, just in case Le Goulet is fully booked. These campsites provide similar facilities and features as well.

Your campervan trip to Brest will surely bring a ton of fun and excitement to your family or group. There’s so much to see and do in this fascinating town in the region of Brittany.