Need to Hire a Campervan in Rennes ?

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Discover the Underrated Rennes

Rennes is the capital city of Brittany. It is one of France’s cities rich in art and history. Although it is not always mentioned on tourist guides, this is a city worth visiting when you consider visiting France or the region of Brittany in particular. Rennes is a lively university city with a large student population, thanks to numerous educational institutes and the two main universities – Université de Rennes 1 and Université de Rennes 2. The city is also known for its gardens and finest buildings, as well as various festivities. Like many of France’s tourist destinations, there’s much to see and do in Rennes that’s why it’s worth visiting.

Places to visit in Rennes

There is plenty to see and do in Rennes, so you should book a motor home in advanced to fully enjoy your visit in this beautiful city. Why tire yourself by walking to the notable destinations and your hotel, when you can drive the city streets and its outskirts before camping for the night.

First stop is picturesque medieval streets of the old town where the remarkable Palais du Parlement is situated. The architect of the Palais du Luxembourg in Paris also designed this building. To relax, go to the Thabor gardens (a renowned botanical garden with over 3,000 plant species) for a dose of greenery and fresh air while snacking on baguette and cheese.

There are many public gardens in Rennes which occupy more than 24 acres of land. These include a French garden, an English garden, an aviary, lawns, children’s play area, and other features.

Culture and arts are important in this town, and these are celebrated by holding events and festivals such as the Les Transmusicales, Mythos, and Les Tombées de la Nuit music festivals; The Stunfest (retro gaming festival); and Travelling (cinematic festival). Rennes is also named as the French city of rock music.

Music halls and concert venues are scattered in the city such as the MusikHall (with 7,000 seats for large shows), La Cité (for contemporary music and local artists, with 1,150 seats), Le Liberté (for major cultural events and touring shows, with a capacity of 5,300), L’Etage (for contemporary music and local artists, with 900 seats), the Ubu concert hall (with 500 seats), Rennes Opera House (with 650 seats), and L’Antipode MJC art centre (with 500 seats), among others.

Exhibition venues and museums are also a must-see when in town. Visit the Musée des Beaux Arts which houses numerous works of Pierre Charles Lenoir; Museumof Farming and Rennes Coutryside at La Bintinais; Musée de Bretagne at the Champs Libres; FRAC Bretagne Fond Régional d’Art Contemporain; and Musée des Transmissions at Cesson-Sévigné.

Other arts and culture destinations to visit are La Criée (centre for contemporary art), 40mcube exhibition space, Triange (dance venue), Cine TNB, L’Arvor, and many others just outside the city.

While in the city, make sure to stop by at Saint-Malo, Etangs d’Apigné, Montfort du Meu, Dinan, Vilaine, Fougéres, Cobac Parc, Foret de Rennes, Vitré, and Canal d’Ille & Rance. Also, make sure to see the local markets such as the Le Marché des Lices for low-cost groceries and meats, as well as the Saturday food market with a large selection of fruit, vegetables, fish, crépes, meats, galettes, wines, cheeses, and other French delicacies.

Camp for the night or two in these RV campsites

There are many campsites within the proximity of Rennes which offer numerous facilities for all types of camping needs. But for campervan tourists, it’s best to check Camping de Gayeulles which is located in the centre of a hundred acre forest park. It is less than an hour from Saint-Malo, Mont Saint Michel, and Brocéliande forest. There are rivers, wooded paths, lakes, ice skating rink, children’s farm, and sports pitches, among other features.

Camping Municipal Le Vieux Chatel is less than an hour away from Rennes. It is also located within a natural wooded area and by a lake. The campsite provides bathrooms, internet access, campervan service pitches, and other camping facilities.

Enjoy your trip in Rennes and relax each night at any of these nearby RV campsites.