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We offer a wide choice of options for picking up an RV rental in Germany. A German rental RV will enable you to easily discover a country that has plenty to offer the intrepid tourist. Checkout the many cosmopolitan cities and incredible natural scenery. Pickup locations include all the main airports and railway stations, with RV rental Munich airport band Frankfurt airport RV rental being the most popular choices for starting a tour of Germany 

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When it comes to motorhome travel, Germany is one of the best countries in the world, thanks to the free and efficient highways that circumnavigate the different states. The large network of highways in Germany is known as the Autobahn system. Plenty of camping grounds are situated along the highways, and in the more remote areas. Throughout Germany, camping sites are generally well-equipped, boasting excellent holiday facilities for guests.

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From the beautiful forests of Bavaria, to the stunning coastline that overlooks the North and Baltic Seas, Germany is teeming with a variety of landscapes that demand attention. Millions of visitors flock to this Central European nation each year to take in the historic sites, traditional cities, alpine countryside and exuberant culture.

Recommended campervan drives in Germany

Romantic Road:

explore the beauty of Bavaria along the Romantic Road, which covers more than 200kms of the stunning southern Germany countryside. The Franconia wine region is a spectacular part of the country, but Bavaria’s mountainous rural area and traditional villages are sure to steal the spotlight. Near Neuschwanstein Castle, Falkencamp Schwangau and Bannwaldsee Lake Camping Site are great spots to park the motorhome overnight.

Burgenstrasse Castle Road:

Germany is filled with fairytale castles, and the best place to see these is along Burgenstrasse; a long scenic drive that begins at Mannheim and ends in nearby Czech Republic. See the likes of Rothenburg Castle, Imperial Castle of Nuremberg and Neuenstein Castle along the way. Camping Heide and Eberbach Campsite are just two of many grounds that you can settle for the night while driving this route.

German Wine Road:

in the state of Rhineland Palatinate, in Germany’s west, visitors can enjoy the awesome wine road, which begins at the town of Bockenheim and meanders its way to the French border. Even though the road can be ventured in a few hours, some tourists spend days here. Take a load off at Knaus Camping Park Bad Durkheim, or nearby In Burgtal.

What to see and do

Germany has a long list of attractions and activities that tourists simply must experience. Exploring the cosmopolitan yet charming cities of Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Bremen is recommended. Plenty of historical churches, state buildings and museums are on display. Perhaps you could get out of the cities and uncover the beautiful Baltic Sea Coast, where sandy beaches and coastal resorts await travelers.

When it comes to nature, Germany boasts a smorgasbord of sites. The Black Forest and its magnificent peaks will astound you, and the Bavarian Alps is regarded as Germany’s best skiing spot. Of course, Germany is also famous for its castles, which are sprinkled across the nation. However, Neuschwanstein Castle is certainly the most renowned. In the city of Munich, the Oktoberfest occurs each September/October, bringing in many thousands of beer and food enthusiasts each year.

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