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Cheap RV rental Berlin,Germany

We can provide any class of motorhome in Berlin, luxury A,B and class motorhomes from our selected partners. We have a great range of compact camping vans. Some suppliers offer these at discounted prices, but these tend to 3 years or over, this is highlighted during the booking so that you understand why the same camping van with one supplier may be much cheaper with another, although this not always the case.

How do I book my Berlin RV rental? We hope we have made it transparent, enter your RV holiday rental dates and select the search now option. The online booking systems will compare offers and campervans with Pure Motorhomes and McRent Germany. Spend some time at this stage, after vehicle selection the next stage is adding optional extras such as GPS, baby seats, camping sets, bedding, Kitchen sets etc as you proceed through the booking process.

A place as notorious as Berlin is a fun and thrilling place to begin your RV tour around Germany and the rest of the European continent! Find yourself driving from Berlin to dark forests and beautiful castles and other medieval architecture. This city of 4.5 million can only be a hub of different cultures and all the things that come along with it. Not only is it home to German culture, it also provides a great place to try out foods and cultures from other places in the world as well.

With an extensive history in not only World War 2, but before – in your RV you can cruise throughout the city and learn about things regarding the tribes that once inhabited the area centuries ago. Berlin’s past is often overlooked as people will often only look back to the World Wars, but we assure you it’s not hard to dig deeper and learn about the roots of Berlin. The roots of Berlin are as fascinating as the drives and scenery you get to see along the way from your RV.

Berlin and the surrounding area is well serviced with RV Parks and fully equipped camping van grounds. The extensive German motorway system (Autobahn) will connect you to any part of Germany. All our motorhome hire rates include insurance for the hire vehicle & third party vehicles as well as all state tax, an excess may apply, but this will be shown clearly along with options to buy extra cover.

Berlin Motorhome Hire Attractions

While here, prepare to get knowledge everywhere regarding the World War 2 era of Germany. Everywhere you look, there is something regarding this time period that shouldn’t be overlooked. See the memorial for murdered jews and if you get a chance to leave Berlin city check out one of the infamous concentration camps.

Getting up early and driving down the Re1 or S7 you can visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as Sanssouci Park. Only 2000 people are allowed here each day, so it is definitely a place you really need to get up early to thoroughly enjoy! While here, visit Lake Griebnitz for the scenery and the Sanssouci Castle. One can also drive to one of the many great museums in the area. If Berlin has anything, it is definitely museums! Get the Museum Pass and visit one of the 55 great museums. Most notable is Pergamon-Museum, which houses Middle-Eastern, Greek, and Islamic pieces as well as Germanic art. Also, here, you can visit the Altes Museum to view some great Egyptian pieces.

If walking through a museum isn’t your thing, Check Point Charlie and the Berlin Wall are often visited while in Berlin as well. These two pieces are world renowned in showing the history of Germany as a country and should not be overlooked.

Berlin Nearby RV Rental Ideas

Unfortunately, it might be time to leave the great city of Berlin and head somewhere new outside the city. Luckily, you have so many options – you should be smiling that there is so much more to see in Germany! This great country offers so many great cities, it’s hard to stay in one forever.

If you really want to get far from Germany, head to Warsaw. Warsaw is only 6 hours away and a great drive, if you’re really determined! You can also drive to this great city by taking the A2 as well.

If you want to stay in Germany, don’t skip out on seeing The Black Forest of Bavaria which is about a 6-hour scenic drive to the national park along the A9. Here, you will get to view what seems like the endless forest where so many folktales have come from! Dresden is only 2 and a half hours away if you drive using the A13, here you can see the infamous Bruehl’s Terrace and get a glimpse of the beautiful river.

Berlin’s location provides a great ability to see the rest of Germany with ease. If you are truly ready to leave Berlin, don’t forget to stop and see the city of Potsdam. Here at the border of Berlin, you can see many historical buildings and the damage of World War 2. This World Heritage Site features over 1000 years of history and it truly a must-see!

The demand for German motor home hire is on the raise, so please book early whilst taking advantage of early bird discounts. Remember prices only increase as rental dates nears so book today!