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The capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, Düsseldorf, is a great place for anyone to start their journey through Germany on an RV. With a gorgeous location on the River Rhine, it’s a perfect place to pull out the camera and photograph a true Germanic city. One of the reasons that makes this a great place to start is that it has a bunch of different roadways for one to enter and exit from – leading you to destinations not only in Germany, but all over Europe itself. Being a largely populated city with over 11 million people does not mean it isn’t unique and picturesque, there are many reasons that one could call this place home. The 7th and 8th centuries found this place to be a farming location, but with more and more growth over the years turned this farming area into the mega-hub it is today. However, with all that money and people means a great city full of so many activities.

There is a plethora of activities to take on while you are here, from its German cuisine to shopping, sightseeing, and beer drinking – Dusseldorf has it all. Drink the night away, eat the day away, or vice verse. However, drinking and driving rules still exist here! Remember to pack for the weather, this area is known to get very cold. Having good motorways has made this a top destination in German and foreigner tourists wanting to get around, so even the new RV drivers can get a smile out of travelling around.

A very popular journey after Dusseldorf is the adventure to Amsterdam. One can take the A3 and the A12 on the 228km journey and see the gorgeous Netherlands as well as Germany. Only taking 2 and a half hours, it’s a very popular journey.

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Home to many famous attractions, we would love to name a few of the most notable in Dusseldorf. The famous Old Town of Düsseldorf is not so old considering it was destroyed during World War 2 but is still a very popular tourist place to enjoy some of the culture that makes up this German city. With over 260 bars in one kilometer and a plethora of eateries, anyone will enjoy this wonderful walk or stumble. If you love art, you can also go see the City Monument at Burgplatz, a gorgeous monument that’s worth a photo and some introspection. The nearly 62,000 square meter park known as Benrath Palace and Park is well noted among people to take a walk on its grounds and enjoy the scenery. Its 1770 construction makes it a great place for his history buffs to enjoy. The historic city hall inside Düsseldorf was created in the 16th century and hosts the city parliament. Last but not least, of the few we have selected is the Neander-church. Built in 1683, and reconstructed after World War 2, you’ll enjoy taking a trip with a guide and hearing of its history and the religious movements in Germany itself.

One great thing about Dusseldorf is the amount of things not only there is to see, but also do! If you have the money, why not go shop some of the high-end stores on Königsallee? See the work of Picasso and Warhol at Kunstsammlung NRW? What ever you are looking for in your trip through Germany, you’ll find it in Dusseldorf!

Dusseldorf RV Rental Drives  Nearby Attractions

Bonn, the former capital of (West) Germany, is 71km if you were to take A57 and A555. This wonderful city has many great sights such as the house of Beethoven himself. The great city of Cologne is 40km via A57, known for its incredible food, people, and sights. Cologne is truly a city that needs no introduction, it’ll leave you hoping for an even longer vacation. The city of Brühl, known for the World Heritage Site of Augustusburg Palace is 70km away via A57 and A1. This place also has the themepark Phantasialan which attracts thousands every month. Considering Dusseldorf is so close to the border, it is very easy for one to even go international after they leave Dusseldorf. Netherlands, France, and Belgium are only a drive away and are on the path that many will take after their journey through Germany.