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German Cathedral

Although not the largest city in Germany, and only the second biggest in the German state of Saxony, it certainly makes up for its size by having a large variety of sights and activities. With a documented history reaching back as early as 1015, this ancient trade-route will surely make your RV drive unforgettable.

This city’s trade of goods has been known and long documented for centuries, this helping push tourism for people who love a well-documented city and the past it holds. If sightseeing isn’t your thing, the nightlife that it offers will surely get your adrenaline going. However, if you’re not into the nightlife as well, maybe you’d be interested in reading and learning about the history it has had with being considered a pioneer in the classical literary movement. With many unique sights in the city center and on the outskirts, you can find abandoned buildings, military structures, beautiful homes, and just about anything you could ask for in the cool German weather.

How do I book my Leipzig RV rental? First enter rental dates and select the search now option. The online booking systems will compare rates and packages with Pure Motorhomes and McRent Germany. after vehicle selection you can add any extras like GPS, baby seats, camping sets, bedding, Kitchen sets etc as you proceed through the booking process. Leipzig and the surrounding area is well serviced with RV Parks and camping grounds and being German an extensive motorway system (Autobahn) will connect you to any part of Germany. All our campervan hire rates include insurance for the hire vehicle & third party vehicles as well as all state tax, an excess may apply but this will be shown with an option to buy extra cover.

Leipzig Attractions by Motorhome Hire

Some of the most famous sights in Leipzig include St. Thomas Church where Johann Sebastian Bach worked as a cantor and is home to the famous boy’s choir. Also, you have one of the largest monuments in Europe – Völkerschlachtdenkmal, otherwise known as The Battle of the Nations monument. You can see the oldest botanical garden in all of Germany, the Leipzig Botanical Garden for a look into the past. Another record setting place is one of the 20th tallest buildings in all of Germany, the City-Hochhaus Leipzig. Even just walking around in the old town will feature many gorgeous buildings and wonderful architecture from the 16th century, so don’t think you just need to stick to a guidebook. If you get hungry, don’t forget to stop in and have a bite in one of Germany’s most famous restaurants, Auerbachs Keller which was established in 1525! Many people will go here after seeing the famous zoo, which features an extensive variety of animals.

Leipzig Nearby Attractions

Places like Berlin are around 2 hours away when using the A9 and Frankfurt is around 4 and a half to 5 hours using the A4/A5. These places are generally long drives but are definitely worth the scenery. Most of those who leave Leipzig will head to Dresden which is only an hour and a half away when taking the A14. While in Dresden, you can take a glimpse at the Elbe River and the infamous Bruehl’s Terrace, where many people coagulate for the view during the winter and summer.

Less than an hour away by the train is the city of Weimar which is easily reachable by the B87. Weimar is a smaller town known for a UNESCO site that is a university as well as wonderful parks. Here you can get a taste of normal German life.

Halle is easily reached in about an hour if you were to use the A14. Halle is home to notorious churches and the oldest chocolate factory in Germany – who can resist that combination? Enjoy your trip out of Leipzig and take it slow – so much is to be seen along the way so don’t rush. Stop and smell the roses, Germany offers so much that is so lovely!

German campervan hire demand is on the increase so book early and take advantage of any special deals. Remember prices only increase as rental dates nears so book today!