Campervan rental in Akureyri

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Unofficially known as the capital of Iceland’s scenic northern reaches, Akureyri is a gorgeous Icelandic town perched on the shoreline of Eyjafjörður; the longest fjord in the country. Inside Akureyri, you will uncover some fascinating attractions, including the local art museum and Kjarnaskogur Forest. However, it’s the surrounding mountainous landscape, nearby Lake Myvatn and the local fjord that steals much of the spotlight.

With so much scenery to explore, self-drives are recommended in Akureri. You can hire a motorhome from one of the rental companies in town. In the winter months, driving can be dangerous thanks to the ice and snow on the smaller roads. However, summer is a much different story. Both in and around the town, camping sites operate along major roadways. If you to intend some off road exploring we also offer a wide range of 4×4 camping trucks that will ensure you never get stuck.

Recommended campervan drives in Akureyri

Akureyri – Goðafoss:

arguably Iceland’s most scenic waterfall, Goðafoss is only a short picturesque drive west of Akureyri, as it rests in the Myvatn region. It’s not called the Falls of the Gods for nothing! Vogahraun Guesthouse is an idyllic camping site near the waterfall and Myvatn Lake, and so too is Hlid Cottages.


located just south of town, the beautiful forest of Kjarnaskogur is a luscious and spacious wooded area that boasts playgrounds, campsites, low-grade bushwalks and more challenging hikes. Hamrar Campsite sits inside the forest and provides excellent facilities for campervans. Another option is Kjarnaskogur Forest Camp site in the heart of the woods.


the fjord that Akureyri sits upon is the longest in Iceland, and one of the world’s most spectacular. Breathtaking bird-watching and even whale-watching makes this an unmissable site. Siglufjordur Camping Ground rests near the beginning of Eyjafjörður, and Thorunnarstraeti is a great base to park the motorhome in Akureyri.

Driving tips

Access into and out of Akureyri via Route 1 is almost always free of snow, regardless of the time of year. This makes self-drive along this the Ring Road safe and efficient. Even the smaller streets and roads aren’t too affected by ice and snow in winter, as local authorities keep them well maintained. The streets leading away from the city, towards the interior of Iceland, do close during the winter months. Therefore, always check with locals before taking daytrips in your camper van from Akureyri.

Like most large cities, parking becomes more of a challenge in the center of the city. Nevertheless, it is free. Be sure to pick up a parking disk if the car rental agency doesn’t give one to you. These disks are timers, as some parking spots in the city have time limits. Parking officers frequently check the streets. Lastly always carry a GPS device or a compass while on road, some campers will come with GPS or may be added as an extra during the booking process