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Alghero, Italy Campervan Rental

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Discover the Beauty of Alghero

Alghero is a stunning town in Sardinia, Italy. It is renowned for its gorgeous beaches, great food, and its Catalan origin. It also referred to as little Barcelona because of this. Alghero’s name came from Aleguerium, a Medieval Latin word meaning ‘stagnation of algae on the coast. The town is rich in history as represented on the cobble-stone streets of the town centre, the palace facades, walled-in doors, mullions, and the architectural design of its churches.

Sites to see and places to be in Alghero

Like any other Italian town, Alghero is rich in cultural and historical sites, as well as natural wonders that make visitors stay for a while in awe and delight. There are locations which are easier to reach, while others are too far from the town centre. Renting a camping car for a few days during your stay is an ideal way to see most of these sites. It is better not just because you’ll have your own vehicle, but it is also a home away from home when it’s time to camp for the night.

To start your road trip, go to the Palazzo d’Albis for a historical experience. Then go to Neptune’s Grotto situated at Cappo Caccia which can be reached via sea or land. By land you can get there within 30 to 45 minutes. You can stop at Ristorante La Nuvola for lunch before heading straight to the grotto. After visiting the grotto, drop by at the necropolis of Anghelu Ruju and Nuraghe Palmavera, Sardinia’s two most important archaeological sites.

Parts of Alghero’s historical sites are churches and palaces which were built as early as the 13th century. The Cattedrale di Santa Maria Immacolata di Alghero (built in 1570, opened in 1593, finished in 1730) was originally Catalan-Gothic style, but the nave and isles have Late Renaissance style and the facade’s antechamber is a 20th century Neo Classic.

The church of St. Francis (1360) was an original Catalan-Gothic. Its bell tower was built during the first half of the 16th century. Other notable churches to visit are the church of St. Michael and Parrocchia Madonna del Santo Rosario.

See the grandeur of the palaces and castles after visiting Alhegro’s churches. You can easily stop by when you’re riding a motor home. Include in your list Palazzo Carcassona, Torre del Portal, Tower dell’Espero Reial, and Palazzo D’Albis.

Of course, when you are a bit tired and hungry, there are numerous restaurants, bars, and cafes in town. If you wish to shop for fruit and vegetables, there’s the Wednesday Mercatino within the area. Feel and shop like a local to fully enjoy this location.

Natural sceneries are also abundant since the town is rich in stunning landscapes, parks and protected areas. Also, don’t miss the extraordinary marine area that showcases varying settings of hills, plains, and coasts. You can also choose from a variety of activities such as water sports, hiking, caving, scuba diving, mountain biking, hunting, bird watching, and mountain climbing, among others.

Other places to see are the wonderful beaches at La Pelosa-Stintino, the ancient palace complex of Nuraghe di Palmavera, the medieval town of Bosa, and the protected areas of the coastal south of Alghero.

Campsites in Alghero

A busy day trip deserves a restful sleep. But instead of staying in a hotel, a campervan’s convenience throughout your trip is a great option to start with. Finding a good campsite that offers facilities for RVs and motor homes should do the trick.

Camping Village Laguna Blu in Alegro is the best choice for RV campers for they offer great facilities and services, as well as family friendly features to help you enjoy your stay. There are dining areas and services, bar, and pizzeria within the vicinity; mini market; bathrooms; playground; and sports activity areas.

When you visit Alghero, there’s always something for everyone. But the best part is having a ride to take you to places and a place to stay for the night, wrapped in one.