In the Apulia region of Italy lies a coastal down that is nestled next to the Adriatic Sea. A unique blend of culture and activities, this seaside town has had a long partnership with Greece due to it being a trade route for so long. Before even being a Roman occupied area, it was known for having a Greek settlement. This fact makes Brindisi a very cultural place with a colorful history that draws in thousands of visitors that are in search of something that is off the beaten path.

Brindisi itself has a picturesque backdrop, considered one of the best in Italy. Dancing throughout the old city streets are sights such as the Aragonese Castle that was built in 1491. Epic monuments such as this are what the real attraction of this city are, which make it “must see” on your RV exploration. Some other famous activities one might do while in Brindisi are to see the Church of Santa Maria del Casale, from the late 13th century.

Two ancient Roman columns which are symbols of Brindisi are also visible here and attract thousands of visitors every year. What makes Brindisi so unique is the blend of new and old, the variety of colors that dance off the old buildings, and the feeling of being in the past with the amount of cathedrals. Even for those not interested in seeing things like cathedrals, plenty is still out there to enjoy. Large amounts of wetlands and nature are still able to be seen in their pristine untouched condition. The Regional Natural Park of Punta della Contessa Salt and The Regional Nature Reserve Forest Cerano provide nature at its best.

Brindisi : Suggested Campervan Routes

The south of Italy itself is rather small and many drivers will make trips to other cities in a day or even over the period of a week or more! What makes Italy so great is that it is a country that you fall in love with instantly, but you can drive all over it and still not get to understand everything that makes up the country.

Apulia, also known as the “heel” of Italy, is a scenic coastline area with many cliff side drives and a relaxing cruise through many different landscapes. What many people will choose to do is the 87 mile drive from Taranto in Brindisi. It can be done in just a few hours, if you’re rushing it. However, life is about relaxing and enjoying. Along this coastal drive, you can find hundreds of different photo opportunities in front of a beautiful blue backdrop. You can also turn the other way and get the backdrop of the green countryside that Italy is also famous for.

Another famous drive that people will do in the south of Italy is drive to Monopoli from Brindisi. Only a 45 minute drive, it’s like being in a whole other part of Italy. Every part of Italy has its own little unique twist on food and culture. Also, you can take the SS7 to Taranto for an hour and taste some of the best seafood in the world. If you are feeling very adventurous, you can cross coasts and head over the tip of Italy and go to Napoli. A city that truly needs no introduction is only 4 hours away using the A16/E842. This great drive is cherished so much because you get to see both coasts of Italy and see the mountainside views that not many people choose to view while on holiday here. Italy’s ease in navigation makes it great for beginners and experienced drivers alike.

About the airport

Brindisi – Salento Airport is an airport in southern Italy and has just over 10 different airlines that service different places throughout Europe. Most notably is the cheap budget airline Ryanair and Easyjet going to London. These low cost airlines have made smaller airports like this one have a surge of customers who want to holiday, as it is located 3km north of the seaport Papola Casole. Though it is a relatively new airport, the ancient history of the city itself and the surrounding areas will certainly be more than enough to satisfy your craving for something interesting.