Campervan rental in Lamezia Terme Airport

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Widely considered to be the gateway into Italy’s sparkling Calabria region, Lamezia is a fascinating municipality that was established after the merging of three separate territories in 1968. Today, you can explore various landmarks within the town, including the old Sambiase baths, Bastion of Malta and the ancient castle. However, most visitors come to this area of Italy for the crystal blue waters of the Calabria coast.

The local airport, known as Lamezia Airport, is located close to the coast, and only 20 minutes southwest of the town. The facility boasts car renting services, so you can easily access motorhomes for a self-drive holiday. Try staying at one of the breathtaking camp sites along the coast.

Recommended campervan drives in Lamezia Airport

SS18 North:

from the airport, you shouldn’t miss the drive north along Lamezia’s brilliant coast. Take the SS18 and enjoy the beauty of the region’s crystal blue water, golden sand to the west, and rolling hills to the east. Near the airport, you can park the campervan overnight at Camping Fabiano or Ulysses Campground. Further north, in Tamarisk Village, lies another beachfront camping site.

SS18 South:

jump in the campervan and travel south from the airport, along the SS18. On one side of the road, you are greeted with Calabrian farmland and vegetated hills, while the other provides breathtaking views of the Tyrrhenian Sea’s turquoise waters. Tourist Village Garden boasts an excellent camping venue, and past the town of Pizzo stands Camping Cliff Riviera.

Northern foothills:

head straight to Lamezia’s township, from where motorists can enjoy a tranquil drive through the foothills just north of town. Camping Ulysses and Camping Fabiano are both fantastic camp sites, providing a great base for exploration north of the township.

About the airport

Lamezia Airport is the busiest airport serving Italy’s Calabria region; one of Europe’s finest getaway spots. The facility was first established in 1976, and today caters for more than two million passengers annually. Most of the passengers fly from international destinations, with Ryanair serving the most number of connections. Other major airlines found at the airport include Air Berlin, Alitalia, Germanwings and Air One.

There is only one terminal at the airport, although recent upgrades have been made. The facility rests upon the beautiful Calabria coastline, just meters from both the SS18 and A3 highways. Both of these roads make it easy for tourists to drive either north or south along the region’s stunning coast.