Chap RV Rental Milan Malpensa Airport

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Renting a Campervan in Italy is a great way to experience a family holiday in the comfort of a fully equipped rental RV. We provide you with a choice of rates RV suppliers that operate from Milan Malpensa Airport and near Malpensa. The RV Rental Network offers a wide range of campervans to suit couples, small and large families and tour groups. We specialise is RV Rental Italy and other European locations, with a great selection of RV rentals in France from top suppliers.

Milan is Italy’s financial hub, but there is so much more to the city than just commerce. Despite being intensely bombed during the Second World War, Milan has risen from the ashes and today stands as a magnificent holiday destination, where cultural features like opera, football, shopping and dining hog the limelight. Of course, historical sites, including the grand Duomo, also take centre stage.

Malpensa Airport is the principle international airport serving the city and province of Milan. Hiring a motorhome from the terminal is recommended, as the roads and highways outside Milan offer some of Italy’s most scenic driving opportunities. Camping facilities are sporadically found in the rural areas of Milan.

Recommended campervan drives in Malpensa Airport

Lake Varese:

directly north of the airport lays Lake Varese, an old glacial lake of spectacular beauty. Highway SP1 and SP18 encircle much of the lake, making it easy to drive around. You can relax along the way at Camping La Madunina, or the smaller camp site known as Monate Grounds.

Lake Maggiore:

only a short drive from the airport is Italy’s second largest lake; Maggiore. You can enjoy a plethora of small towns and villages, not to mention the tremendously beautiful scenery of the lake and its forests hillsides. On the eastern side of the lake, you can stay at Verga Camp Ground, while on the western side, Camping Solcio provides perfect lake views.

Mercurago Lagoon:

just off the SS33 is Mercurago Lagoon National Park, which is home to a fantastic natural forest, complete with bird-watching opportunities and peaceful hiking paths. Just next door lays several lakefront campsites, including Eden Grounds and Lago Azzurro.

About the airport

Malpensa Airport is the main air facility serving Italy’s largest city, Milan. It rests to the northwest of the city center, in the commune of Somma Lombardo. It is currently Europe’s 21st-busiest airport, accommodating nearly 20 million passengers annually. There are two terminals operating at Malpensa Airport, with three runways. As far as passenger numbers and size, this aviation hub is Italy’s second-largest, behind Rome’s international gateway.

EasyJet is the main airline serving the airport. However, a number of other globally-known carriers also use this facility as a focus hub, including Alitalia, Neos Air and Blue Panorama Airlines. Car hire companies are found in the terminals, so passengers can find a motorhome for rent with ease. Driving from the airport is relatively straight-forward, as the SS336 connects motorists to the arterial motorway known as the A8.