Campervan rental in Pescara Airport

Despite the town’s heavy industrial areas, Pescara is one of Italy’s most irresistible and therefore most visited seaside resorts. From the intriguing main street of Corso Umberto I, to the golden sands that line Pescara’s coastline, this resort town is teeming with entertaining landmarks and must-see features. Younger travellers will also be enticed by the energetic nightlife on offer here.

Pescara’s airport is located about four kilometres to the west of town, and is commonly known as Abruzzo Airport. Roads around the airport and town are generally free of traffic, but you can expect an increase in congestion during the warmer months of the year. Camping sites are found close to the airport, and you’ll have no trouble finding them along the coast too.

Recommended campervan drives in Pescara Airport

Viale Alcione:

use camp sites like Camping Paola or Francavilla to explore the beautiful beachfront south of Pescara, along Viale Alcione. The beach here will provide you with magnificent views of the Adriatic Sea, and ideal swimming conditions.

Northern coastline:

from Pescara’s marina, travel north, where the sandy coastline provides more excellent beaches. The Saint Filomena Nature Reserve is also worth checking out. Camping Lake Placid Ground and Camping International are two of the most convenient camp sites located along the northern coastline, just 25 minutes from the airport.

Majella National Park:

this stunning natural reserve is only a short distance from Pescara Airport, reachable via the E80 and SS487 highways. From the peaks of Majella Massif, to the depths of Grotta del Cavallone, the park boasts various natural splendors worth exploring. Da Rondinella is a famous camp site located in the heart of Majella NP. Another pristine place to stay is Kokopelli or Maielletta grounds.

About the airport

Sitting just 20 minutes drive from the heart of Pescara is the town’s airport, which is commonly referred to as Abruzzo Airport. It has been serving commercial traffic since 1996, making it one of the newer domestic airports in Italy. Today, there are more than 500,000 passengers that fly through this air hub each year. The passenger population at Pescara Airport ballooned in the 1990s thanks to the increase in low-cost airlines across Europe.

There are two main airlines that serve scheduled routes from Pescara Airport. Ryanair is the busiest, reaching half a dozen destinations across Italy, Europe and the UK. Alitalia only provides flights between Milan-Linate. Upon arrival, passengers can hire a motorhome and be in the heart of Pescara in about 15 minutes.