Cheap RV Rental Rome Ciampino Airport

Most people who visit Europe from another country dream of a place like Rome. It is the perfect blend of everything you would want in a vacation. You have beaches that are close by, you have world-famous monuments that are the backdrop of hundreds of thousands of movies, and you have Italian food. Many people believe that everything is better Italian, whether you are one of them or not is up to you. However, one cannot deny the things that Rome has to offer! The real question however, is where do we begin to explain your opportunities in your RV in Rome? Driving isn’t the easiest when it comes to Rome, but luckily easy transportation is provided all throughout the city. Keep the driving to a minimum when it comes to Rome and enjoy the public transport. Traffic is a headache here.

As for the sights, we don’t know where to begin so we will have to say the most notable first: the Colosseum. This is actually one of the most recognized landmark in the entire world when it comes to Europe. Easily accessible and having the ability to go inside of it makes it one of the most loved places in the world. You can also after here head over to the famous Trevi Fountain and drop some coins inside of it for good luck. Sit and eat lunch on the Spanish Steps or checkout something more mysterious such as one of the many crypts that are in Rome.

If you are not into history, how about enjoying something modern like art or the growing fashion scene that has been sweeping Italy for years! Take a walk through the city center and enjoy some of the fashion that is coming out of Rome!

Rome Fiumicino: Suggested Campervan Routes

History. Culture. Scenic backdrops. Stopping every moment to take a photograph. Those are some of the things that are said about driving around Rome or driving to your next destination. Also, all roads lead to Rome. (Whether you believe that or not is up to you!) It is recommended that when it comes to Rome itself that you use some of the local transport instead of driving your car.

Like all big cities, traffic is hectic and Rome is no different. However, many people will drive to the great city of Naples along the A1/E45 for 2 and a half hours. Florence is also only 3 hours away, 270km, if you take the A1 as well. Venice is a little bit of a longer drive but can be done in one day. However, why would you want to rush it? It is only 5 hours away, but we suggest making it take 2 days so you can stop and see the little things along the way. Use this advice as well when you head to Amalfi and enjoy yourself down the coast.

About the Rome Fiumicino airport

Italy’s largest airport served 36.1 million passengers in 2013 and was ranked the world’s 34th busiest airport that very same year. It was built as a replacement for the other, smaller, airport in Rome: Rome Ciampino Airport. It was established January 15, 1961, but was in use earlier as it was having transit to keep the other airport unclogged during the time of the 1960 Summer Olympics. At the moment it has 4 separate terminals, T1 T2 T3 and T5. Each of which services different airlines and destinations. Now, it has over 50 different airlines making traffic in and out of the airport.

When we say you can literally get anywhere from here, we truly do mean it. Fiumicino – Leonardo da Vinci International Airport is around 35 km (22 mi) to the city center of Rome, and it has trains that easily reach here leaving quite often. The name of the airport, Leonardo Da Vinci, obviously was named after the great Italian inventor because of his design of a machine with wings. What makes this airport so great is the close distance it is to see the great city of Rome. Make this a great place to start your journey throughout Italy or even all of Europe!