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Visit the Charming City of Verona

In the north-eastern part of Italy lies Verona, the famed location where William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet was set in the play. The city is one hour away from Venice, the more popular tourist spot in Italy. For many tourists, going to Verona is a must if you want a more laidback and pleasant destination for a relaxing vacation. However, much like many of Italy’s tourist destinations, Verona is rich in architectural and artistic treasures within the city and its surrounding areas.

Must-see Destinations in Verona

Visiting Verona’s touristy spots can be done on foot. You can start at the city centre where the Arena di Verona is situated. If you have a long list of things to do and destinationsFmore, make sure to plan this tour ahead and don’t forget a map and GPS system when you rent a campervan.

In store for you on this trip are the notable structures and buildings that showcase excellent architectural styles and details. One of the most visited locations is the Casa di Giulietta (Juliet’s House) which was supposed to be the location of the renowned balcony in Shakespeare’s play. The house is old and the balcony was only added in 1936 and declared Casa di Giulietta to attract tourists. It houses a few Renaissance frescos from demolished palaces and the bed from Zeffirelli’s 1968 film.

You will notice the Roman influence in the ruins which have been preserved such as the city’s arena which has a similar style as the coliseum in Rome. Majority of the historical sites are from the past 800 years, but the city also has Western European art with styles from late medieval to early renaissance in the form of 12th century museums and churches.

The city was conquered by Austrians from 1815 to 1866. The city’s significance to the military under the Austrians resulted to fortifications and a magnificent castle.

When you see ‘scala’ (Italian for ladder) emblems in various locations within the city, it means that the building or the structure is related to the Scaligeri family. This family ruled the city from the 12th to the 14th century.

Situated along the banks of the river Aldige is Castellveccho, a 14th century fortified red brick castle. The primary castle buildings are home to the city art museum which has a vast collection of renaissance paintings and medieval sculptures. There is an adjacent bridge over the river that is always open and the other side offers a great view of the castle

A few minutes away from the Castellveccho is the Basilica of St. Zeno. It is believed to be the richest in historical preservation and devotional artwork in Verona. The basilica is dedicated to the city’s patron saint, Zeno, who was a 4th century North African and ardent fisherman.

The tallest tower in the city is the Torre dei Lamberti which was completed in 1463. It is a clock tower that has spectacular views of the city from the top.

Giardino Giusti is one of Italy’s most significant renaissance gardens. It features grottos and fire-breathing masks which have been carved into the hillside.

Other significant churches to see are Sant Anastasia, San Giorgetta, San Lorenzo Maggiore, San Fermo Maggiore, Castell San Pietro, and Duomo di Verona.

While you’re in the city, there are lots of activities to enjoy as well. Go to Verona’s golden mile for a shopping spree; eat gelato in Piazza Bra; taste the wines and eat in any restaurant around Carega; see an opera in the Roman Ampitheater; and/or visit the Christmas markets if you happen to travel Verona during the holidays. There are plenty more things to do in this city, so pack your bags, get your pals or family members, and book for a motor home for a more exciting trip to Verona.

Where to camp your RV

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