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Exploring the Wondrous City of Vicenza

Located in the north-eastern part of Italy is the city of Vicenza. Surrounded by hills and countryside, the city is popular for the numerous works and villas by Andrea Palladio. The city was included in the 1994 UNESCO’s list of World Heritage locations. Vicenza is located in the centre of the plain and is an excellent archetype of all of the history, nature, art, and culinary traditions that this part of Italy has to offer.

Getting Around and Visiting the Top Destinations in Vicenza

Getting around the city and exploring the city centre can be easily done on foot. If you only wish to see the city centre, the Rotonda, and Monte Berico, it’s best to just walk around and avoid the no-drive zones. The rules of the Zona Traffico Limitato are quite strict and cover many of the city centre’s areas. However, if your trip includes camping and covering the surrounding countryside and outskirts of Vicenza, it’s best to rent a campervan for that once in a lifetime adventure.

Start your trip with the following landmarks:

Basilica Palladiana (or Palazzo della Ragione) is a colossal building in the city’s Piazza dei Signori (primary square). It was designed by the architect Andrea Palladio with a look that’s similar to the Venetian Gothic style.

Basilica dei SS. Felice and Fortunato was built in 300 AD and is one of the oldest structures in Vicenza. It is one of the primary examples of paleo-Christian architecture in northern Italy.

Chiesa di Santa Corona was used to house the relics from Christ’s crown of thorns. It was built in 1261. Presently, its main possessions include a Palladio-designed chapel, Bellini’s Baptism of Christ, and Veronee’s Adoration of the Magi.

Criptoportico Romano is one of the few remnants of roman Vicenza. Located in an ambiguous corner of Piazza Duomo, these tunnels were used as linking walkways between villas.

Il Santuario di Monte Berico is situated at the top of Monte Berico. You can see this church from every corner of the city centre.

Loggia del Capitanio is in front of Basilica Palladiana and it was also designed by Palladio around 1571. The building has neoclassical style in brick red, but without stucco. It is open to the public during exhibitions only.

Palazzo Barbaran is the only palace built by Palladio within the city centre. Its interior is decorated with frescos.

Palazzo Leoni Montanari is a stunning palace that houses a decent collection of capricci, Russian icons, and Pietro Longhi paintings.

Palazzo Valmarana Braga is another palace build by Palladio. It is monumental and has columns that run along the entire length of its facade.

Palazzo Thiene, also a palace designed by Palladio, is now occupied by a bank with interiors updated to suit modern functions.

Teatro Olimpico is among Palladio’s great works. It is the oldest enclosed theatre in the world and renowned for its renaissance perspective in three-dimensional space. Its facade is accented with wooden statues, stone carvings, and painted trom l’oeil.

Villa Capra or the Rotonda is one of the main reasons why people visit Vicenza. It was designed by Palladio in 1591 for his thesis.

Villa Valmarana ai Nani is a villa compound just one kilometre west of Monte Berico. There are three buildings in the compound – owner’s residence, guest house, and stable. Each building is covered with frescos by Giandomenico Tiepolo and Giamattista.

More places to go to and see in Vicenza include the museums of Palazzo Chiericati, Natural History and Archaeological Museum, Museo Diocesano, and Risorgimento and Resistance Museum. Don’t forget to see the parks of Campo Marzo, Parco Querini, and Giardini Salvi, as well as the piazzas Castello, della Vittoria, delle Erbe and delle Poste, del Duomo, Lorenzo, and Matteoi.

Vicenza Campervan Campgrounds

The natural beauty of Vicenza is taken in consideration by many campsites and recreational grounds. For RV campers, you will enjoy these natural landscapes as backdrops of the next campgrounds you’ll go to. As usual, you will find standard facilities for motor home campers such as laundry and kitchen areas, shower/bathrooms, internet access, power and water hook-ups, and nearby shops. Consider Campsite Vicenza, Vicenza Camping and Camping Vicenza if you are to take your next holiday in this stunning location.