With over a few million people in the city and surrounding areas and an iconic football following, not many places compare. Manchester has long since been one of the top tourist destinations for people traveling not only from their own country but from England as well. Manchester
Nicknamed the “Capital of the North” it has pumped out great music and iconic characters. For history lovers alone, Manchester offers an abundance of different architectural wonders like the Roman Castlefield and also The University of Manchester – where the first computer was built among many other things.

Manchester is thriving and bustling city with a large variety of different foods and cultures, hence why London is also such a melting pot. Manchester also offers a great mix of everything and should be enjoyed over a long period of time, so one can see all the hidden gems.

Recommended campervan drives starting from Manchester

Park near Calton Hill to hike up and see some of the Edinburgh’s most notable treasures, such as The National Monument and the Nelson Monument. With this great and easy hike you can also get a very clear view of the surrounding countryside. This is a great start because it can help put more focus in to what you want to see. The views are inspiring. If this hike isn’t enough for you – don’t fear. Arthur’s Seat is a wonderful walk also that can provide even better views and is well worth the extra challenge.

Head to the Grassmarket area off Victoria St. to try some tradition Scottish cooking and get an understanding of the food and culture of this country. This is where one can really understand the flavors and natural ingredients one uses to cook in this 15th century town.

Edinburgh Zoo is one of the most popular attractions all year round and is surely one not to miss. Worth the experience.

National Museum of Scotland was created in 1985 and has had over 1.5 million visitors in a year, this showing the true amazing artifacts this museum holds. One of it’s most amazing artifacts is having 11 of the Lewis chessmen.

Also, don’t forget to take a stroll along¬† the Water of Leith river and dream of a simpler past. Though close to the city, this provides a perfect place for one to try and get a feel of a past times and earlier cultures. A most notable spot for reflection.

For those who enjoy cycling, Edinburgh is strangely a great place to start. A very well known path is for one to ride from Edinburgh to Melrose, stay a night in Melrose, and then to Berwick-upon-Tweed. Then, one would take a train back home to Edinburgh. Scotland’s terrain provides a semi-challenging and rewarding bicycle journey.

Edinburgh & Nearby Attractions

Glasgow is only but an hour away from Edinburgh, along the way you’ll get a great view of the countryside. Along the 97km M8, one of the United Kingdom’s busiest motorways, you’ll have the ability to marvel at other notable cities such as Greenock, Paisley, and Livingston.

Taking the A90 motorway will be a scenic adventure north to places such as Fraserburgh in Aberdeenshire. One can stop along the way and see the ancient Roman camp in Stracathro. One can also see the Bridge of Muchalls as well as the 13th century Muchalls Castle.

Last, but not least we have the M90 motorway. Although there are several different routes to take from Edinburgh, this is certainly one of the most popular as well. The most northern motorway in the United Kingdom gives drivers and passengers the ability to see gorgeous landscapes and many historical cities such as Perth. Perth having shown signs of inhabitants 8,000 years ago. This fact alone drives thousands of people a year to try and find ancient buried treasures and artifacts. Also, one can see the great city of Dunfermline, also having Neolithic settlers thousands of years ago.