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Scenic Camper Stop In Lisob

Scenic Camper Stop In Portugal

Renting an RV in Portugal has been simplified with We now display all your possible campervan hiring options and cost of any additional extras in a way that you can easily compare the motorhome suppliers that we use in Portugal. When you do make the decision then don’t delay booking your camper holiday. Why? These mobile homes are in high demand particularly the summer and late, Easter and Christmas. We also advise booking a slightly larger van than needed, this extra space will really be appreciated on long rentals

What do you want out of your adventure in Lisbon, Portugal? Do you want gorgeous cliff sides? Adrenaline driving? How about calm and relaxing beaches with some of the most friendly locals one can meet? Do you like history? Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions then Lisbon is the perfect place to start your RV rental adventure. Honestly, you are at the gateway to the rest of Europe and once you are done exploring the whole of Lisbon and Portugal itself, which could take ages, you can easily exit into the rest of the great continent.

Lisbon itself is known for the great food and hospitable people, as well as being the largest city and the capital of Portugal. With only a population of around half a million people, give or take, you are provided an intimate experience with this beautiful country. With a history that dates back over 1200 BC, you are surely in for a great treat if you are to visit the museums in The Chiado area. Stop and see world famous museums like Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga and the Museu Calouste Gulbenkian. If you are into art, that is great also! Lisbon is known for art, so take a trip to the Berardo Collection Museum!

If museums aren’t your thing, why not walk around Alfama? The oldest area in all of Lisbon. Explore the colors and tastes that this city has to offer. Use all your senses to become one with such an intimate city. If it is late in the evening and you still want to party, don’t forget to check out the world famous club Lux / Frágil.

Recommended campervan drives in Lisbon

Honestly, Lisbon is one of the more difficult European cities to drive in. We are not the only people who believe that as well, many people complain of their struggles to get around Lisbon in a motor vehicle. However, with careful planning and having the right attitude – it should be a breeze like the wind that comes from the coast. As for day trips, plenty of them are easily done from Lisbon. To get out of the busy city life, head 280km to Alentejo.

One of the overlooked things in Portugal is the amazing countryside, most people spend their days at the beach instead. The countryside is just as lovely as the beach itself. If you are also to head an hour outside of Lisbon to a place called Sintra, also in the countryside, you can see some of the great palaces and ancient architecture that Portugal is famous for.

If you are to head an hour southeast of Lisbon you can get into the wine country and truly taste the flavors of Portugal. Be careful though, the taste is great! Drinking and driving rules still apply here, even in paradise! Speaking of paradise, you need to also visit the small village of Portinho da Arrábida and enjoy some sandy beaches. Yes, many are in Portugal, but you need to go a little south or north and avoid all the tourists to have your own personal heavenly beach. Another great short drive away is the sandy beaches and famous restreat that is in Comporta.

Lisbon Portela Airport History

Lisbon Portela Airport saw 18 million passengers in 2014 and carried over 88 thousand tons of cargo. It has also notably been awarded Europe’s Leading Airport for five consecutive years.It is one of the largest airports in all of western Europe and is highly used for maintenance and other issues, due to how equipped it is with top-quality services.

A very odd fact about the creation of this airport was that it was a neutral airport during World War 2 used by both British airlines and German airlines. Opened in 1942, it was also notably known for being behind the plot line for the hit classic movie Casablanca. Once the war had ended, in 1946, Iberia Air and Air France (among others) used the airport and the number of people transiting quickly soared. Literally. Now, it is a great place to transit with over 30 different airlines flying all over the world.

Some of the destinations go as far as Toronto, Canada if not further! Take a historical journey through the airport and go out to explore the great city of Lisbon.