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A wide selection of 4×4 camping vans, pop up campers and mobile homes are available to book with RV Rental Network. 4×4 campers are available with key suppliers in South Africa including Maui, Britz 4WD and Caprivi Car Hire.

South Africa is a very diverse place that has a long fascinating history, what ever you are looking for in your journey you can find here. If you want to relax and lay on beaches, if you want to play world renowned golf, if you want to drink some of the finest wine in the world, see ancient artifacts or even modern art – you can find it here. With a population of almost 50 million, it’s no wonder it is so diverse. Not to mention it has 11 official languages! Home to some of the most fascinating sights, starting here will be a perfect way to understand Africa itself.

The country of South Africa has decent roads and of course – the not so decent roads. It is important you determine how skilled of a driver you are before taking off on your journey. With windy roads and hairpin turns, please map accordingly!

South Africa by Motorhome Hire

Due to the sheer size of South Africa, there are many popular routes in South Africa. With hundreds of routes to take depending on what you want to see, you can be entertained for months. Zigzag different routes and see many different landscapes, from deserts to waterfalls, beaches to mountains, South Africa has it all. Famously, one can visit the Royal Natal National Park, visit a game reserve and then head to Zululand and relax on some of the amazing coastal beaches.

Visit the Valley of 1000 Hills and see as far as the eyes can see with sugar plantations and gorgeous rolling landscapes. If you want to see the desert, a very popular journey is to go from Upington to the Kalahari Desert. See the renowned Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park with its grasslands, woodlands, and red dunes – stopping to keep an eye out for the wildlife. Lions and other wonderful creatures roam around these areas. Along your journey, if you’re feeling a little to dry you can always stop and see Augrabies Falls.

If you are in Cape Town, take Route 62 from Cape Town and visit places like the historically rich Amalienstein and Zoar. Also, take the Garden Route [N2] from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, which is over 800kms. (A world renowned drive, one might add!) Stop and see the great beaches of Mossel Bay and do some golfing, relaxing while taking in the scenery. Some other famous roads are the N1 to Zimbabwe, the N7 to Namimbia, and the N2 to Durban and through the Tsitsikamma National Park. Some more famous drives are the Crook’s Corner to Pont Drift, at 160km, that runs along the Limpopo River. This river runs along the Zimbabwe and Botswana borders, surely pleasing to the eye and for the adventurous.

Speaking of adventurous, the Karoo cruise heading from Cape Town to Oudtshoorn then back is 850km of mountains, well preserves villages, and picturesque views! Finally, and the most notable, we reach the great Chapman’s Peak Drive. Now, it’s not the most ideal to do in an RV, since it has over 114 curves, but it gives a 180 degree view of some of the most amazing scenery. For only 9km of road, it is still known as one of the worlds best drives. If you have the ability to rent a 4×4 and you love the danger, don’t forget to take a drive on the Sani Pass. [One of the most dangerous roads in South Africa.]

South Africa & Nearby Attractions

There are many popular drives leading out of South Africa. Considering you are in the very bottom of the continent of Africa, the true reality is that you can go anywhere on the continent from there. However, it is noted that one should be very careful and pre plan their journey after leaving South Africa. Yes, people have managed to drive from the southern tip to the northern tip, but most people have taken serious precautions and pre planning while doing it.

As mentioned earlier, it’s very easy to get on the N1 to Zimbabwe or the N7 to Namimbia. If you are still set in your ways to drive the whole length and have procured your visas and are ready to go – it is possible to drive from Cape Town to Cairo. This journey takes well over a month and is strongly advised one has a 4×4 when doing it.

Motorhomes and RV’s with 4WD are available at all locations within South Africa including Cape Town and Durban. During the campervan booking process you will have an option to add such camping extras as GPS, Child Seats and Bike Racks. RV Rental Network are available to help with any camping questions simply email us or call the local support number.

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