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Enjoying Girona’s Cultural Heritage and Historic Sites

Girona is a very old town in Catalonia, Spain. It is said to be several thousand years old and has approximately 100,000 inhabitants. The town has a striking Jewish district that’s often ignored by travellers within the Girona-Barcelona areas. This ancient town is an excellent escape from the hustle and bustle of Barcelona or as a part of a Catalonia tour. Going to the Old Town on the east bank of the river leads to narrow streets abound with street cafes and classy restaurants. The modern town centre is on the west bank which has wider roads, larger shops and hotels, and cheaper eateries.

Getting Around and Discovering the Ancient City of Girona

Walking is the best way to get around the old town of Girona especially when you want to visit the city’s sites and tourist spots. Driving a car is not necessary if a tour around town is what you need on a given day. Cobble stones and steep steps are more common in the old town, so better walk and enjoy the sites on foot.

However, if your trip is more inclined to discover the outskirts of the old town, a rented motor home is among the best options. This is without saying that you will still need to be on-foot while visiting the ancient town, but you’d be better off in a campervan when it’s time to visit other places outside of town like the castles, parks, and villages that surround the area.

What other better way to discover Girona than to visit its museums. There are actually seven of them which present the rich and diverse heritage of the town’s history through art.

If you want to know Catalonia’s story on medieval Jewish communities, particularly in Girona, the Museum of Jewish History is the perfect place to visit.

The Girona History Museum is where you will find the history of the town, from foundation to the 1975 return of democracy.

One of the houses over the river that is open to the public is Casa Masó. It is one of Rafael Masó’s most prominent architectural creations.

The Archaeology Museum of Catalonia houses prehistoric to Middle Ages archaeological finds.

Important religious art such as the popular 12th century Creation Tapestry can be found at the Cathedral Treasury Museum.

For pre-cinema to modern cinema pieces, particularly works of Tomás Mallol, you will find them at the Museum of Cinema.

The Art Museum of Girona houses Romanesque and Gothic art collections.
The past invasions of Girona are evident in its architecture and overall look and feel. The castles, streets, and walled area are just a few of the attractions that bear witness to various occupations of years past.

Other places of interest are centuries old structures which are all part of the town’s heritage. These sites are from oldest to the most modern (prior 10th century to the modern times), starting with Força Bella, the Cathedral, Sant Pere de Galligants and Sant Nicolau, The Arab Baths, Basilica of Sant Feliu, The Jewish Quarter, The Medieval Quarter, The Valley and Convent of Sant Daniel, The Universitat and Sant Doménec, The Walls, La Rambla dela Llibertat, La Plaça del Vi, Sant Martí Sacosta, Plaça de la Independéncia, The Houses on the River Onyar, and the Modernist and Noucentist Architecture.

For touristy activities and discoveries, Girona’s natural heritage is rich and bountiful. There are flowing rivers through the town centre, as well as the Mediterranean and riverbank woodlands. There are mountain ranges like the Gavarres, the stunning Sant Daniel valley, fields and croplands, as well as vegetable gardens that keep the urban landscape alive and green.

If you are adventurous, there are water sports and activities, ATB and bike routes, balloon trips over town, guided walks, and guidance circuits among many other activities that await you in Girona.

RV Campsites Within and Around Girona

The best part about travelling to Girona is finding an ideal campervan park that’s near the beach and has all the necessary facilities. These are quite attainable especially in this part of Catalonia where the beachfronts and natural resources are plentiful.

You can choose among these motor home campsites while planning for your trip: Camping Cypsela, Camping Rubina Resort, Camping Playa Brava, Camping Bassegoda Park, Camping La Ballena Alegre, Camping Nautic Almata, Camping Laguna, Camping Els Roures, Camping Cala Llevadó, Camping Palamós, and Camping Stel Puigcerdá.