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Jerez de la Frontera is located in Cadiz, Spain in the southwest and is a very old city with a population of over 215,180 people. With a world-renowned wine industry and cultural heritage leading back all the way to the Copper or Neolithic Age, this city has no shortage of things to explore and no shortage of culture either! Conquered by Arabs in 711 a.d. and ruled by Vandals and Visigoths predating that, this is a history buffs dream. For those interested in Spanish culture, this is a great place to start your gateway journey throughout Spain. With its beautiful architecture of religious monuments, its great weather, food, and people – you’ll leave in your RV from Jerez with a full stomach and a giant smile on your face. Finally, don’t forget to try some of the awesome sherry and flamenco dancing, but don’t go driving after drinking as they are strict on their drinking and driving!

Recommended campervan drives Starting from Jerez Airport

Before you hop in your RV and head out of town, see the Casco antiguo, a great area for small streets and foot exploring. Bring a map or just get lost in this quarter, bring your camera and have some contemplation about the architecture. See the Central Market that was built in 1885 and shop for a great breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Finally, if you’re ready to go to the place that has a mouthful of a name to say: Monumental Compound of the Moorish Palace-Fortress and Dark Chamber. This palace has several baths, a place of prayer, gardens, fountains, gaurd towers, and just about everything else a place with that long of a name should have! Spend the afternoon strolling around or get a tour and learn some of the great history.

Like all journeys through hot climate places like Spain, it’s best to have your sunglasses, sunscreen, and a few extra bottles of water. You never know when you might need one or all three! Known for its gorgeous views, Jerez has gorgeous drives and views.

One of the most famous drives in the area is the Autovía del Sur A-4. Spanning 660 km (410 mi) that starts in Madrid and ends in Cádiz, and crosses many famous cities like Pinto, Seville, Córdoba, and Puerto Real to just name a few. When leaving the city there are many other destinations people will drive to with ease. One of the great things about Jerez is that its location provides a perfect starting point for one to begin their journey.

Another famous route is the White Villages route, taking you to the Sierra de Grazalema. Only taking around 30 minutes, this will take you to  one of the most beautiful villages in the area that is known for its white houses and stone castle walls. Also, take the A-480 along the Sanlúcar de Barrameda and Doñana National Park route to see places like the national park itself and the banks Guadalquivir River. Great for photographs! Finally, the Atlantic Flyway is a quick journey with great beaches.

About the airport

Jerez airport is also known as La Parra Airport and is located northeast of Jerez de la Frontera in Spain. It services over 13 different airlines to multiple destinations around Europe. Most notably is Ryanair, whom have boosted their sales to almost 1.1 million passengers per year. Airlines such as Arkefly service to places like Amsterdam and Málaga, while Ryanair itself services London-Stansted. Most notably, Condor airlines has different flights all over Germany.

Amazingly, Jerez is a very eco-friendly airport and has been known to be very serious about their environmental performance and are doing drastic measures to reduce their environmental footprint compared to other airports.

Also, Jerez Airport has its own train station in the west side of the airport that goes to the city itself. However, since it is under construction as of 2014, it’ll soon reach places like Seville and Cadiz as well. Though declining since 2004 in passengers, it still maintains itself as a heavily used airport that’s numbers are only declining because of larger international airports being created in other places in Spain. However, don’t let that stop you from visiting this perfect starting point for an RV adventure!