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San Javier is a small city located off the Costa Cálida. However, it’s the perfect gateway to places like La Manga and other places in the Region of Murcia. Costa Cálida is a 250 km long Mediterranean coastline known for its warm weather and also hosts Europe’s largest coastal saltwater lagoon, worth the trip itself. The Region of Murcia was a trading port which the Romans called Carthago Nova up until the 11th century when in 1266 it became part of the kingdom of Spain. With an average of 300 sunny days a year, it’s no wonder this place is gaining in popularity. However, compared to other places in Spain it is still far less popular, making it a hidden gem. With a cluster of gorgeous mountains in Murcia, the Segura river, and gorgeous beaches, this is a perfect place for one to start their journey and discover Spain.

Recommended campervan drives Starting from Murica Airport

Seeing as Murcia is part of the Cordilleras Béticas mountains, it’s a safe bet to say you can’t experience the area until you have your hiking gear on and make a little journey around the area. It’s hot but it is gorgeous. Also, see rivers and seas as you make your way through the Murcia region. If landscape isn’t your favorite, don’t worry – the area has you covered. Well known for its history, do The castles itinerary through Murcia. This being many different castles in the area such as: Castle of Moratalla, Castle of Mula, Real Alcázar of Caravaca de la Cruz, Castle of Jumilla, and many more.

When one decides to drive around Spain, you have to remember Murcia. This area spans hundreds of different roadways to all over Spain, for whatever you are in search of on your journey. Do you want to hike? Get your gear and head to the mountains. Want to go relax and beaches? Get your giant hat, sunscreen, and head to the beaches. Honestly though, you should bring your sunscreen wherever you are because the warm temperatures of Spain are ready to give you that golden tan or bright red shimmer. One of the most famous and notable drives in Murcia is the Autovía del Mediterráneo A-7, which leads you from Puçol, through Valencia, and all the way to the great city of Algeciras. Spanning 1,300 km (800 mi) and passing by dozens of cities, it’s no wonder that so many travelers come here year round to make the extensive journey and enjoy the Spanish heat and landscapes. One could easily say they’ve seen a major chunk of Spain just making this journey and understand a lot of the Spanish culture. This journey provides you a lot of time for introspection and great sightseeing. Another famous drive is the Autovía A-30, which starts Albacete and ends in Cartagena, but goes through Murcia. Choose which way you want to go, but either way you’ll end up enjoying some great scenery and winding up at a wonderful city.

About the airport

Created in 1920, this airport located in San Javier, Spain operates about 1.3 million passengers a year. To be precise, it is located on the coast of Mar Menor, in the Santiago de la Ribera district. Easily reachable from the city of Murcia by the AP-7. Generally, for the most part of its life it was used as a military operational airport until around 1963. In 1963, commercial activity began and it has expanded to having over 18 check-in desks at the present time.

Servicing one of the most popular airlines, Ryanair, it’s no wonder that this airport hasn’t gone under because of other major airports in Spain. Ryanair contributes 50% of the airline activity from Murcia. However, they don’t only just service Ryanair, but: EasyJet which flies to London Gatwick, Air Berlin, Bmibaby, Jetairfly, and more. With its large airport, it can handle airplanes as big as the Boeing 757 or 767. Seeing as how this airport services many international flights to a quieter area of Spain, it is known for many travelers and military personnel to fly in and out of. Still being a military base means that you will see military activities in the area as well as tourist looking to reach other destinations.