Pamplona Festival

Pamplona is most famous for the notorious Running Of The Bulls, but the population of over 320,000 has much more to offer than just that festival, we assure you. You can find so many great things to do in Pamplona and the surrounding areas if this isn’t your thing. Pamplona is a place with an incredibly deep culture and historical significance, that anyone looking for tourist options or off-the-beaten-path ideas can find comfort knowing that the city will offer it to you.

This beautiful medieval city offers an awesome citadel, tasty wine, and a beautiful city center for all your photo taking opportunities. Don’t forget to see some of the competitive fireworks show that seem to happen very often in Pamplona, only further drawing people to the beauty of the city. Pamplona motorhome rental or campervan hire during this period will allow you to see the festival without concern for booking accommodation locally.

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Recommended campervan rental drives in Pamplona

Tudela :

The Navarre region of Spain where Pamplona is located sits near the border of France and near the Basque Country on northern Spain. The significance of the placement goes to show the plethora of different activities seemingly only a hop and a skip away. Tudela is 94 kilometers from Pamplona and is famous for a Gothic and Roman cathedral and the city is often used for vegetables, so if you’re looking for the freshest of ingredients – here’s your spot!

Pyrenees Mountains :

Just 4 and a half hours from Pamplona is the foothills of the great Pyrenees Mountains that separate France and Spain. With so many awesome motorhome drives around and through the mountains, if you are looking for the best drive in the area, this is the one.

National Park of Urbasa-Andia :

Another famous campervan drive is to check out the National Park of Urbasa-Andia., known for crystal clear blue waters flowing on the rivers. It’s only an hour and half away from the city if you hop on the A-12 or A-10. If you want a little longer of a drive, why not head to one of Spain’s most famous cities? Barcelona is literally not that far away at all, if you are looking fot one of the mega-hubs of Spain. Just 4 and a half hours away!

About Pamplona airport

The airport is 3.7 miles from the city of Pamplona, IATA airport code PNA. Camping car hire suppliers at the airport include BIG SKY, Enviro Campers and Star Drive.