Campervan rental in Helsingborg

Helsingborg is a large township located within the southern Swedish province of Skane.
It hugs the eastern shores of the Oresund, which links Sweden with the Danish town of Elsinor. To the north of the town lies Kullaberg Peninsula’s astonishing flora and fauna, while Helsingborg itself is a magnificent destination, teeming with interesting attractions such as the local castle ruins, Raus Kyrka ancient church and the ever-entertaining Norra Hamman docks.

Helsingborg Campervan Hire and Bridges

Tourists will enjoy the self-drive opportunities when they reach Helsingborg. Not only are the roads that radiate from the town centre safe and easily navigable, but they tend to be relatively free of congestion. Helsingborg also provides visitors with dozens of motorhome hiring options, and several camp grounds.

Recommended campervan drives in Helsingborg


directly north of Helsingborg is the Molle/Kullaberg scenic drive, which terminates at the Kullaberg Nature Reserve. Spectacular views of the Oresund are on display, along with Krapperup Castle. First Camp Molle is only minutes from the enticing beauty of Kullaberg Nature Reserve. Just south is the Orestrand, which is a hotel that offers facilities for motorhomes, right on the beach.

Skanes Coast:

the historically rich and naturally beautiful coastline of Skane is best viewed driving south from Helsingborg. There are several camping areas that provide excellent facilities, especially for jaw-dropping sunsets. Raa Vallar Resort, just six kilometres from the heart of Helsingborg, sits upon the Oresund shoreline. Borstahusens Camping, located closer to Landskrona, is also a great place to rest for the night.

Helsingborg sightseeing:

the town of Helsingborg is not overly difficult to drive, and offers an exciting range of historical attractions, including Raus Kyrka, one of Sweden’s oldest churches, and the Old Town Hall. Flaten Camping is an ideal place to base the motorhome in the town, and the coastal-front Livh Fastigheter AB offers a quiet and convenient camping spot from where tourists can explore the Helsingborg.

Driving tips

Gone are the days where Helsingborg was just a small trading port. Today, it has turned into a bustling urban center, and as such, does contain its share of traffic. Motorists should avoid driving during the weekday peak hour times. Getting to and from Helsingborg is usually not a problem, as several major highways, including the E20 and E4, service the town.

When driving in the town center, make sure you check the local maps first. Some of the streets are wide and easy for motorhomes. However, others are either pedestrian-streets or narrow alleyways, which are best to be avoided. Parking in the town center can be expensive, thanks to high demand and limited supply. However, parking becomes cheaper the further away from downtown Helsingborg you travel.