Cheap Campervan Hire Switzerland

Cheap Campervan Hire Switzerland 

Motorhome hire is can be a very economical approach to seeing the most of Swiss countryside. Budget motorhome hire and campervan rentals are in high demand and for this reason you should hire the camper before you book your flights. Switzerland abounds with camping parks and holiday motorhome parks. Check out the Frommer’s guide as this is a good up-to-date source for campers in Europe.

Iceland the main entry points to Iceland are Keflavik and Reykjavik airports

Land locked in the centre of Europe is one of the best places for mountains and adventure enthusiasts in the world. Many ski and snowboarding slopes dance around mountain ranges and on the outsides of lovely little cities.

You have every type of weather one could need here, from nice and sunshine filled days to cold snow for better mountain photographs. For those not looking to enjoy being up so high, Switzerland also has a large variety of grand lakes and rivers for water sports. In a change of season, one can go hiking in the mountains or snowboarding.

One can also either fish and swim or ice skate. This is one of the reasons that Switzerland is ranked so high for tourists. However, it is good to be aware of the change of weather. Depending on what time of year you go, you may need different protection from the elements. For those that are inexperienced RV drivers, caution is needed when navigating those beautiful mountain passes. Switzerland offers a good selection of camping and motorhome parks, however we do advise pre booking in advance.

It should be noted that Switzerland is a host to some of the most picturesque driving roads, thousands of visitors coming each year just to have a race around. However, don’t speed to fast – heavy fines are penalties are imposed on those that choose to speed!

Best Campervan Hire Switzerland Routes

First off, Berne is one of the most lovely places you will ever see. Founded in 1191, this historic capital will throw you back in time with it’s ancient monuments and buildings. It is easy to spend a few days here in such places as the Berne Historical Museum, Bundeshaus (Federal Palace of Switzerland), and the great clock tower known as Zytglogge. Many people here will take day trips out to see the infamous Bernese highlands.

Another great place to see is Zurich. The largest city in Switzerland is home to over 390,000 people and a great way to understand the Swiss culture. Due to how close Zurich is to the Swiss Alps, it has been nicknamed, “The Gateway to the Alps.” Whilst here, see the old Romanesque church known as the Grossmünster. Also, stop to be amazed at the views of the famous St. Peter Church. In the summer, don’t forget to stop and walk along the Lake Promenade.

Not only are cities great to visit, but the drives around the country itself are one in a million. Drive around The Road over the Furka Pass and see ancient glaciers as you pass along the Italian border. Also, see one of the most famous roads over the Great St. Bernard Pass. This road itself has a history worth just reading about, involving Romans and Napolean and his army!

Don’t forget to also check out The Grimsel Pass is the upper Rhone Valley as well as St. Gotthard Pass in the south.

Switzerland Motorhome Hire Touring attractions

Unfortunately, you may have to leave Switzerland at one point or another. Luckily, you have many options for when you leave. To the north, you have Germany and France. To the south, you have Italy. Also, to the east you have Austria and Liechtenstein. You can literally choose a handful of different countries to exit to. Each of these have a different culture and different sights worth seeing. Not to mention, each have a different weather! For the warmth, you can head to Italy.

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