Best Campervan rental at Dundee Airport

Scotland’s 4th largest city holds several gateways to a plethora of different activities in the Scottish countryside and in the city itself. Golfing, being one of the biggest attractions, shouldn’t fool you into thinking that’s all there is to do in this Scottish gem. However, if you have came to this beautiful place to golf, prepare to be amazed at every hole.

For golfing, Downfield Golf Club hosts thousands of players each year from all over the world.  Large tournaments are held here, such as S.P.G.A. Masters. Cruise the area of Carnoustie Country and see over 30 courses in a 40 minute drive. This is golf lovers paradise.

Dundee city also offers hill walking in the highlands, contemporary arts in its famous theater, Camperdown Wildlife Park, and many other attractions.

Dundee airport also puts you in a perfect place to explore once you are outside of it. Only 1 hour to Aberdeen, 1 1/2 hours to Glasgow, and a little over an hour to the capital of Edinburgh, start your RV journey here and wander down back country roads and major highways to see just what the Scottish countryside and metropolitans have to offer. With fairy well paved roads, one doesn’t need to much caution when driving from one area to the next. However, it’s always smart to check for overheight when it comes to bridges and keep a general eye for warning signs!

Recommended campervan drives starting from Dundee  Airport

The A90,  from Edinburgh to Fraserburgh, runs through Dundee. Stretching 273km and taking around 3 hours, you’ll stop by some incredible sights. This is a drive not to miss, some of the great stops along your way are:

Stracathro is located in Angus, Scotland and hosts a Roman marching camp and many other historically significant sights that draws in thousands of visitors each year.  Don’t forget to see the Stracathro house and Stracathro hospital.

Muchalls Castle was built in 1300 and still in use today. Though reconstructed in the 17th century, it is still a sight to see and full of rich history that’s worth the side trip to go visit.

Stonehaven is located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland and is a small town that was once a fishing village in the Iron Ages. With a creation as long ago as that, it’s no mystery that for history buffs this is one of the top sights to see in the area. Oddly enough, a fossil of the oldest known land animal was also found here!

The A92, from Dunfermline to Stonehaven, also runs close to Dundee. Spanning  156km and taking 2 hours, you’ll be jawdropped at a large amount of gorgeous nature and old historic cities. Some of the most notable stops are:

Fowlsheugh Coastal Nature Reserve is famous for seventy metre high cliff formations and many rare birds living high in the sky. 10.15 hectares in size, this is a perfect place for a walk and some serious bird watching.

Arbroath, a large city near Angus, is also from the Iron Ages and has a wonderful Medieval history. Also, considering it sits on the North Sea coast, it’s known for fishing and other water activities.

Monifieth is a small city originating from the Mesolithic period, 10,000 to 5,000 BC. With a large amounts of ancient coins and artifacts found in this area, it’s quite well known on the scavenger hunt side of things. Also having some beautiful scenery, it’s quite nice for a day trip.

About the airport

This relatively small airport serves two well known destinations, that being London Stansted and Jersey airport. With a plethora of things to do right outside the gates, it’s hard for those to sit still and relax knowing so much excitement is right out front. Originally built in 1963, this small airport has served a variety of different routes, although it only serves two as of 2014.  This airport is one of the four gateways to Scotland, many people would begin their journey here as they golf and see the Scottish countryside. It certainly has come a long way from the 900 meter grass landing area that it was originally created with, however the future of this airport is in jeopardy as the popularity declines and larger airports servicing more routes have opened. With a large amount of roads and construction happening all around the country, it is becoming easier and easier to fly into a bigger airport and reach the same places in the same amount of time from other areas.