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Find an RV to rent nearby by in your area of Chicago. Rent from a fellow RV owner and get extras free of charge. Works out better than booking with the Big name brands. Chicago RV rental need not be expensive to find a deal on small class A to large full size campervans in Chicago and nearby.

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This specific location serves as a perfect middle for the east and west of the USA. Illinois has a large variety of beautiful lakes and rivers, a major airport, great shopping and lots of art and music. Though winters can be harsh, summer is warm and filled with so much vibrant life. Chicago is certainly worth spending a week and travelling around.

“The Windy City” is certainly how many people know the city of Chicago by, nobody would disagree with that. Oddly enough, whether you agree with it being the weather or politics, it certainly has a history that supports it. From the nickname being in an old newspaper or controversy over the World’s Fair, who knows? But we do know it is a great city that is full of history and fun for all ages. Also, it should be noted that it is not any windier than any other city! The third most populous city in the United States has over 9.5 million residents! Not only that, there is almost 46.37 visitors each year. Chicago certainly demands itself as one of the most visited cities in the world. One could also call Chicago “the music city” because of its creation of House music and serious music scene.

Chicago has its own urban smell, but not that of its founders when it was called ‘Checagou.’ Oddly enough, the city itself had more to do with wild garlic and onion than anything else! It actually grew abundantly in the area when it was first settled. Widely believed to have been settled by Native Americans for this exact reason. The Native Americans of the area, like most of the United States, are worth looking into when having the chance. Chicago is no different. However, due to war, its original settlements were destroyed and places like the US government’s Fort Dearborn were created.

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One cannot visit Chicago without stopping by Illinois Route 66 Scenic Byway. This historical road is a host to many museums and roadside attractions. Simply, it is a place that needs no introduction in American history. If you aren’t to occupied with that, take the 33-mile Great Rivers National Scenic Byway. This wonderful journey will take you across gorgeous rivers and forests. Peoria’s Grandview Drive is only 2 and a half miles long, but it is a great place to see the surrounding areas.

If you want something modern, don’t hesitate and go see the 26 miles that is Lake Shore Drive. See all that money can buy you in Chicago! Then, leave the city and go to Shawnee National Forest. It is actually 400 miles of hiking trails, so it is important to go here and do some great, world class hiking.

It is widely believed that Chicago has some of the best museums in the world at Museum Campus: Field Museum of Natural History, Adler Planetarium, and the Shedd Aquarium. Also, Chicago loves outdoor activities so don’t hesitate to see Grant Park. Something is always going on around this area. Do golf at Jackson Park or see other sports at Washington Park. Speaking of sports, one must not forget to see the famous team the Chicago Bulls if they are playing! You’ll see why people love Chicago so much. Knowing this, it is safe to say there are hundreds of activities to keep you entertained inside and outside ‘the windy city.’ Bring a jacket in the colder months, though!

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3 hours from Chicago via Interstate 90 and US Route 20 is the city of Galena, a historic place most notably known for its rich 19th century heritage. 3 hours southwest of Chicago via Interstates 55 and 74 is the city of Peoria, an average American city that is known for being calm and relaxing but still a big city. Springfield, the capital of Illinois, is known for its love of Abraham Lincoln and of course: being the capital. Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin are all very close neighbours and can easily be reached in less than a day's drive. Chicago is quite a wonderful city, provided how easy it is to explore the rest of the area on your RV holiday!

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