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Baltimore is the most popular tourist destination in the state of Maryland and an originator in the famous song lyrics for the American National Anthem. Within the city streets, you will find not only great metropolitan scenery, an abundance of parks, but a plethora of nightlife and great food provided by wonderful people. With a rich history dating back to the Battle of Baltimore in 1812, you are sure to find yourself engulfed in wonderful history from the American Civil War period. It is easy to find yourself astonished at the view as you look at one of the largest estuaries in the world, Chesapeake Bay.

Maryland Baltimore Campervan Rental Holidays

  • The one-hour drive from downtown Baltimore to the scenic edges of Lutherville in Baltimore County give way to a 10-mile historic area known as Charles Street. Here you will find the historic rowhouses of Charles Village and the 208-foot-tall Washington Monument
  • If you are up for a longer drive, take a trip to Mountain Maryland. Stretching 193 miles from Keyser’s Ridge to the famous Cumberland, you'll get to explore the back roads of this great state. This is truly a mesmerizing place to see if you are here in the fall since you get to see the changing of colors on the foliage all around you. 
  • The historic National Road was America's first federally funded highway. On this drive, you will pass tiny small towns and get a feel for the countryside of Baltimore.Nothing says a country's glory quite like the Scenic Byways-Star-Spangled Banner. Running 106 miles from Baltimore to the Solomons you'll relive the past in an area where British and Americans clashed. You will also get to see great views of Chesapeake Bay! 
  • If you have the time to drive however, nothing is better than the Chesapeake drive from Baltimore to Chesapeake City and then to Crisfield. Along this journey you'll find yourself heading along the tidewater region of the bay, where you will be able to stop and enjoy the scenery of beachside villages. 419 miles of paradise! 

Maryland Baltimore What to see and do

Baltimore truly has an abundance of local attractions. They also love their art and history. A walk down memory lane isn't actually that far from the city center. One of the things that add to Baltimore's great reputation is the ability to walk down small alleyways and find yourself deep in history. For those that aren't into history, the great nightlife of the city and modern attractions are just as wonderful. Here you will find a true blend of fun for whatever you want out of your holiday. 

The African American history of Baltimore is unmatched by many other cities in the United States, so it is best to visit some of the culturally important places like the Great Blacks in Wax Museum to learn about the history of African Americans through art.

If you are a big fan of art, take a stroll down to the Creative Alliance. With over 200 events a year, something is surely going to be going on. If you can't tell, Baltimore truly loves their art. They have the Baltimore Museum of Art, Walters Art Museum in Mount Vernon, and the American Visionary Arts Museum as well. 

If you are a big fan of the hit TV show The Wire, don't forget to take the infamous tour around the 54 filming locations over 54 miles! To get here, begin your journey on the famous Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. If you find yourself near the water, don't forget to check out all the historic ships!

Baltimore RV Driving Tips

Maryland, like most of the US state, are very serious about speed limits. Maryland strictly enforces a maximum speed limit of 65mph on it's interstate highways. Going over that is asking for trouble. Maryland is also very serious about it's drinking and driving policy, and as fun as Baltimore is to have a night out - don't risk drinking and driving. The east coast of the United States is known for a quicker and more rushed lifestyle and this is definitely apparent in driving. Don't feel rushed and take your time when driving to avoid accidents.

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