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Many of the local RV rental suppliers will provide a delivery service to your downtown hotel. A popular option is going direct from airport to the nearby campervan rental depots that include ure Motorhomes USA, Compass and Cruise America. Full location details of the motorhome or RV depot will be provide during the booking process.

Massachusetts is a state known for its incredible seafood and wonderful people. You ask yourself, what is more important than those two? Well, how about some scenery that makes you want to take out your camera and take pictures all around you? It’s incredibly easy to go from big city life to wilderness in just an hours drive. Boston calls itself home to 4.5 million people, making it the tenth largest metropolitan city in the country. It should be noted that it is a wise idea not to go driving around Boston city center in an RV as traffic is usually horrible and the city is very congested.

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With over 16.3 million people on top of that every year wanting to play tourist! What do they do you ask? The answer is endless. Home to around 15 world renowned museums just to start if you don’t want to leave the city limits. How about seeing some nature and visiting the Arnold Arboretum or Boston Harbor Islands State Park? See the oldest baseball stadium at Fenway Park and if you are lucky catch a Boston Red Sox game. However, one of the favorite things to do is to stop and eat. As said earlier, it has incredible food.

The New England coast provides an abundance of seafood. If you prefer the nightlife, don’t worry – plenty of it here. Some of the most famous colleges are in the area! One final note on this is if you plan to be running around Boston it is important to prepare and know your timing. Summer is often very beautiful but winter is extremely harsh and worth having a few sweaters or a big jacket on. With the coast extremely close, you can expect a cold breeze to chill you to the bone. However, the hospitable and warm people will make up for it.

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Luckily, if you are in the great state of Massachusetts you are never far from a photograph opportunity. As for things close by, you have the Battle Road Scenic Byway. This road is only 21 miles one way and is known for the battle of the British during the American Revolution. North Street in Westwood to Fisher Street in Walpole is another famous drive that is only 2 miles one way but has 365 acres of land for picnics and the like.

Cape Ann Route 127 to Duckworth’s Bistrot is another close drive that is used for stunning views of the oceans and sunrise/sunsets. For those looking for a longer drive, look no further than Berkshire Hills Scenic Drive. It is 132 miles long and passes through the gorgeous hills and forests of Massachusetts.

Another famous drive is the Cape Cod Scenic Drive. Everyone in the United States has heard the name Cape Cod, and this famous drive is why. Gorgeous ocean views, wonderful food, and lovely people. Mohawk Trail Scenic Drive is 57-miles long and is the first designated scenic drive in Massachusetts. On this journey you can also see the highest peak in the state: Mount Greylock.

About the airport

General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport is quite a long name for an airport and it actually matches up with its long history quite well. Not only does it do everything big like its name, it has over 2,384 acres of space, 6 runways, and employs over 16,000 people. It had 28.9 million people in 2013 making it the 16th busiest airport in the United States.

It also has a hub for the massive Delta Airlines. It originally opened for the military on September 8, 1923 to serve Massachusetts Air Guard and the Army Air Corps. At that point in time it was known as Jeffrey Field. However, it wasn’t until 1927 that it began to get commercial flights. (The first being between Boston and New York City.) Now, it has 4 terminals and 103 gates. It serves over 20 different carriers and has a large selection of different routes one could take. You can easily get to anywhere in the world with this airport, from England to Japan. Due to its relative location to the city of Boston itself, it is also quite an easy journey around the city on a long layover.