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Florida is the number one destination for many who enjoy Winnebago camper rental vacations in Florida. Collect your RV, motorhome or mobile home at Ft Lauderdale airport or have it delivered to your hotel or condo. This will give you the freedom to explore Florida in both style and luxury.

El Monte and Cruise American are 2 suppliers that operate in Florida at all key locations. A full range of campervans are available to hire ranging from small VW camping vans to large RV that can accommodate party sizes that range from 6 to 8. RV holidays is a popular way to travel in Florida and with a pleasant all year climate motorhomes are always in high demand , as such booking early is recommended.

‘The Sunshine State’ is so much more than just theme parks, beaches, and golf courses. and beaches. With an abundance of swamps, fishing, oranges, crocodiles, and so much more – making Florida your easy escape from winter is a great choice for a holiday. With year-round temperatures generally warm, see why hundreds of thousands venture to this southeastern state. One of the homes to southern hospitality provides not only great cooking but a merge of different cultures and lifestyles only unique to Florida. With over 1400 miles of hiking throughout the most southern state in the United States, you’ll have nothing but endless activities.

Campervan Drives in and around Florida

One of, if not the most popular drive in Florida is the route from the mainland to the Florida Keys. Here you’ll find yourself on an 113 mile picturesque drive, perfect for looking through clear blue waters to reefs below and views of distant islands. If you are to hop on Highway 1 in Florida and high-tail it north or south, you’ll get plenty of sunrises and sunsets worth a million words.

Taking a drive through the Everglades National Park should be priority one behind lazing all day at the beaches. If you are to hop on US 41 to drive through places like Shark Valley and Everglades City, you’ll find yourself immersed in some of the award-winning state parks that Florida offers, which is actually over 150 in the states! Here, you’ll twist and turn through dozens of different wildlife homes and risk seeing something photograph worthy at every turn. The Everglades are not to be missed!

If you get a chance, take the County Road 510 for 166 miles and you’ll come across a place that is home to over 4,000 species in the Indian River Lagoon.

If you find yourself in Orlando, the home of theme parks, you have so much more than just rollercoaster rides. If you are heading towards the Atlantic Ocean from Orlando, you’ll travel 90 minutes away and find yourself on an astonishing drive. As you cascade along a scenic backdrop you’ll head through famous places like Daytona Beach and Cocoa Beach.

What to see and do whilst in Florida

As mentioned earlier, Florida is home to over 1400 miles of hiking trails in their award-winning state parks. This alone goes to show you the never ending abundance of outdoor activities available to you.

If you don’t want to just be enjoying activities in the forest, why not head to the south and do some world class water sports? Dive through shipwrecks and on natural and artificial coral reefs and see why so many people choose to retire and holiday in Florida.

Florida is also the theme park king, Orlando is home to not only Seaworld, but Disneyworld, Universal Studios, and many more. Theme parks are one of the most fun places on the planet for young and old and have been giving off adrenaline rushes for years. Combine this with an abundance of zoos and aquariums, why not stay the week in sunny Orlando?

If you are a fan of history, don’t think that you’re even close to forgotten. Florida itself is home to a plethora of different historical sites. Seeing as how Florida was discovered in 1513 by a Spanish explorer named Juan Ponce de Leon, it’s not surprising you’ll find something to spark your interest! With British Forts, historical settlements, former slave plantations, and so much more – take a drive and visit some of the hundred famous sites around the country. Just as these sites haven’t been forgotten, you won’t soon forget.

Florida RV Driving Tips

Most people on holiday feel that they can do whatever they want and drive as fast as they want. This is not the case in Florida, as they are very strict about their speed limits and enforce the rule of 70 mph on Interstates, 60 mph on state highways, and even slower speed in more heavily populated areas. Florida is also known for police officers who love to bust drunk drivers, so don’t even think about driving a little buzzed! With an abundance of wildlife, it is very smart to keep a cautious speed and definitely use your headlights!