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RV rental, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 2022

Fort Lauderdale is a top destination for many who enjoy Winnebago camper rental vacations in Florida. Collect your RV, motorhome or mobile home at Ft Lauderdale airport or have it delivered to your hotel or condo. This will give you the freedom to explore Florida in both style and luxury.

This coastal city on the Atlantic side of Florida is often referred to as the Venice of America. Fort Lauderdale is widely known for an extensive variety of canals that run throughout the city. This city has grown in popularity since the 1800s because of the great weather, friendly people, the sunshine, and, of course, the amazing beaches with crystal clear blue water. Now, hundreds of thousands of people flock every year to relax on the gorgeous beaches and enjoy cruising in the boats on the ocean. Luckily, the whole year has a temperature above 18 C (65 F) in Fort Lauderdale – making it a great holiday destination.

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Campervan Drives in and around Fort Lauderdale

The south of Florida known for some of the best drives in the whole state and has an abundance of different directions one can take. You can head further south to the Florida Keys, head north to the rolling hills and wine country. You can also head to the swamps or to the beach and relax on a coastal drive.

The most famous of all drives from Fort Lauderdale is to head down the scenic highway to the famous Miami city! On this drive, you’ll head down the A-1-A and enjoying beautiful views all the way to Miami. Miami is actually only 40 minutes from Fort Lauderdale, so many people shuttle back and forth.

If you find yourself in Miami and want to keep going, why not hop on the Tamiami Trail and keep going? Making a loop eventually back into Fort Lauderdale. On the Tamiami Trail, you’ll enter the Big Cypress National Preserve which gives way to the Everglades.

Fort Lauderdale to the infamous Everglades is only about an hour and is one of the most visited places behind the theme parks in Florida. Here you will enter a world teeming with wildlife, scenic nature, and even more wild people. The Everglades provides a culture of its own and most people skip out on eating the food in the area – but we suggest you try it! Southern hospitality is one of the most amazing things about Florida. Get your camera ready, watching the sunset in the Everglades is truly a unique experience.

If alligators and swamps aren’t your things, why not head to the Florida Keys? Along the Overseas Highway, you’ll see crystal clear waters perfect for diving and get to enjoy a great and easy drive. This drive is famous for having the windows open, the music pumping, and just relaxing as you cruise on one of the most scenic highways in the entire world.

What to see and do whilst in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is not only a great place to enjoy the beach, but also get in touch with the historic side of Florida. If you’re not out investigating the Everglades for alligators, why not run around the city itself and enjoy what it has to offer? Fort Lauderdale is home to the Historic Stranahan House Museum, which was created in 1901. Here you will find stories and artifacts of when the great city was just an Indian trading post.

If you find yourself downtown in the evening, why not take a stroll where all the nightlife happens? Las Olas Boulevard is a great place for partying and bars.

For those with a family and don’t want to do any partying, why not go out on the one of the famous cruises? You can even have a fun pirate themed cruise! For Lauderdale is truly a great place for young and old alike. Don’t forget to check out the famous Flamingo Farm while you’re here as well!

Fort Lauderdale RV Driving Tips

Much like the rest of Florida and the United States, speeding is very frowned upon. Even heading 5mph over the speed limit and get you a pretty large fine, especially in a school zone. In Florida, you will go 70 mph on Interstates, 65 mph on a four-lane highway with a division between, and even less on main city roads ranging from 5-50mph. With an abundance of toll roads in Florida, it is good to always have cash on you, $1 bills, at a ll times to avoid the problem.

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