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With so much to see and do a cool campervan is the best option. Tour in style with a fully equipped RV from a top branded supplier at low discounted rates, only available with RVRentalNetwork. Houston is only one of over 75 locations that we compare the price of campervan rental, making sure you get a great deal!. All rentals from Houstaon come with unlimited miles or free miles.

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We all know how gigantic Texas is, so that means there are some seriously long drives that are deserving of attention. Luckily, the drives aren’t boring and are full of gorgeous views that’ll make you want to camp on your roof and see the stars or get out every 15 minutes because of the perfect photo opportunity. To start, take it slow, with Interstate 10 East to Beaumont at only 60 miles one-way. What is so great about it? Have you ever seen an alligator show? Something totally worth having a laugh over. Next, take Highway 288 to Brazos Bend State Park. Only 48 miles long and full of nature you did not expect to see in Texas, such as lakes and breathtaking trees! Take the 60-mile trip on Interstate 45 North to Huntsville State Park and enjoy the museums and hills along the way until you get to the incredible green scenery at the end.

For those interested in history, see one of the oldest highways in Texas on The King’s Highway (Texas 21). This is widely considered one of the most scenic roadways. If you want to stay inside of Houston, then take a quick relaxing break from the bustle of city life and go to one of the famous parks: Hermann Park and Memorial Park. If you have the energy in the heat to keep going, go ahead and see Houston Zoo, Museum of Fine Arts, Space Center, or the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Luckily, if you want live music and to get loud: Texas has it. With its incredible weather almost all year round, plenty of festivals go off every week.

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U.S. 67 stretches 1,560 miles across five states and is one of the most frequented drives when one wants to leave Houston. However, it should be known that considering Texas enormous size, one can drive for a long time and think they have left Texas: but are actually just in another part of Texas! Head an hour away from Houston to reach some great beaches like Surfside or head to Kemah on the way to the famous Galveston Island. Galveston is also only an hour away and is known for its beaches.