RV Rental in the Irvine

We get asked lots of questions on camper van hire in Irvine. One one that crops up often is “What is the best campervan size to rent in Irvine?” This depends on the number and age of passengers, small children take up less space at night time. We always recommend going for one size larger than your basic requirements. This extra campervan space is invaluable in helping everyone better enjoy the motorhome holiday, especially if it spans longer than one week or if have the in laws with you.

Irvineฺ in Orange Country is a favorite stop over location for families on a campervan vacation in sunny California. We can arrange the delivery of your RV, motorhome or mobile home to your downtown hotel or condo, letting you explore this region of the USA in style and luxury. We can also provide fully equipped camping vans for hire in Baltimore.

Irvine is one of the largest city in the famous Orange County, California. The rapid growth of this once small city has changed the area into a force to be reckoned with when it comes to business and lifestyles. Orange County itself is home to famous TV shows like The O.C, as well as the millions of tourists who come to see the beaches and enjoy the county’s theme parks like Knotsburry Farms and Disneyland. In 2008, this city was ranked the fourth best place to live in the United States – proving why it is such a great holiday destination.

Irvine, California Campervan Rental Holidays Drives

Orange County has an extensive list of some of the best drives in the United States, with the beach so close and great views of the Pacific Ocean – you definitely need to roll down your windows and cruise slow along the coast. If you want somewhere that is close but also romantic with your loved ones, take a drive up Orange Hill and get a view of the surroundings.

The Pacific Coast Highway is one of the most famous drives in the area. The Pacific Coast Highway is sunny 350 days of the year, and if it is not sunny – it provides a very rare view of southern California. On this 600 miles long road, you’ll get awesome panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and the hills. This is a perfect drive, especially around Big Sur Coast, to see waves crash into the rocks and get those photos you only see on postcards.

Route 74 in Orange County gives great views of snowcapped mountains, forests, and lots of other outdoor activities on this 48 miles (77 km) drive. If you want something shorter, route 91 on the Riverside Freeway is a much shorter drive but gives views of the great Santa Ana River.
The drive to Crystal Cove State Park is only 22 minutes on Newport Coast Drive and is famous for 3.2 miles of Pacific coastline. Here you will find inland chaparral canyons, waves, and awesome beach houses.

What to see and do

If you enjoy beaches, look no further than the beaches of Orange County. With a plethora of beaches just miles away from Irvine and around Orange County by just minutes, you’ll certainly have no problem getting to enjoy some sunshine. Some of the most beach cities near Irvine are Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, and Huntington Beach. Huntington Beach to Irvine is only 30 minutes via I-405s, Laguna Beach is 20 minutes via CA-133 N, and Newport Beach is only 20 minutes if you take CA-55 N. This abundance of different beaches provide different atmosphere for people who want to watch the sun go down on the Pacific Ocean.

Irvine itself offers many different great activities and shopping malls, most famously is the Marketplace, which has dozens of different restaurants and retail shops. However, if shopping isn’t your thing, why not head to the amusement park, Boomers? Or better yet, enjoy a stroll around some place historic like the Irvine Museum, the Irvine Historical Museum, or take a stroll in a park like the 300-acre William R. Mason Regional Park for a picnic? Enjoy your time in sunny Irvine, get to know this southern California city and all it can offer.

If you want to get the adrenaline pumping, check out some of the other great theme parks not only in Irvine but scattered around southern California if you aren’t too busy playing on some of the best beaches.

Irvine RV Driving Tips

Most people who drive around California find it very easy unless you are in congested cities like Los Angeles. When driving through sections of Orange County, especially when out near the coastline, it is best to watch out for any landslides or fallen rocks. Although it is rare, large boulders may find themselves on the roadway. Also, animals may also find themselves in your path as well! California has very strict speeding laws and very high ticket prices and the police are not afraid to issue citations. Know the law and drive the speed limit. The freeway fluctuates between 65 to 70mph, while smaller highways with undivided middles have a speed limit around 55 mph. However, speeds to change constantly!

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