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With over 1.5 million people running around this breathtaking desert city, don’t be afraid to be the next adventurer! Whatever you are looking for in your RV trip you can find it in the biggest city in Arizona. Known for deserts, picturesque landscapes, and ancient Native American culture – there is endless amounts of fun to be had. Do you like hiking? Camping under thousands of stars? Canyons that are thousands of years old and are the theme to some of the most stunning photographs ever taken? You will find them here in Phoenix.

It is also known as the Valley of the Sun for a reason. With its extremely hot weather, it should be definitely made clear that you should bring your sunscreen and extra water when going around the desert. However much water you think you’ll need, double it. It can get quite hot! The Hohokam people lived here almost 2000 years ago and created most of the canals that made the area great for farming, which they still do lots of farming today. Fort McDowell was created in 1865 due to the war with the Native Americans, and from there the city itself grew larger after settling the land. Just as the Native Americans saw the land great for farming, as did the western settlers.

Phoenix RV Rental Attractions by Motorhome Hire:

Where to begin when it comes to the great drives around Phoenix? Honestly, there are so many to choose you could be scrolling on this page for hours! We have decided to only name some of the best and most important on your trip through and around the hot city! Take the 40 mile drive on the Agua Caliente Scenic Drive in the Sonoran Desert area. Most of the road is dirt and should be done with care by a more experienced driver! Take the Apache Trail National Scenic Byway on Hwy 88 through the mountains or through the wilderness area on the Apache Trail Historic Road. Enjoy the strange quirky side of Phoenix with the great Route 66: ‘Get your kitsch on Route 66!’ With odd dinosaur statues and the strange you may crave for when passing through the desert. See those classic landscapes on the US 60 as you travel for 26 miles, as well as on route 77 for 38 miles with the Copper Corridor Scenic Road East. Finally, don’t forget to see Salt River Canyon off US-60 and SR-77.

If you want to stay in the city limits and learn a thing or two you should go and see the Arizona Science Center. It is quite impressive. Take a trip and learn about some of the cactus and local plant life at the Desert Botanical Garden or do something random like learn to play an instrument at the Musical Instrument Museum. For those who want to get active in the heat, take the hike up Piestewa Peak in Phoenix Mountains Park. However it should be noted to be smart and bring lots of water! Watching the sunset here is gorgeous! If all the sights of hot desert is getting you overly thirsty and you’re feeling like you need to take your mind off of sand: Sea Life Aquarium will help keep your mind occupied for a while. Just because you are in the desert doesn’t mean you are stuck in the heat! Bring water wherever you go, though!

Phoenix & Nearby Attractions

Due to the location of the city of Phoenix, it is possible to go to other big cities quite easily. Other notable cities like Las Vegas are only around 5 hours away. San Diego is 5 hours away. Tucson is 2 hours away and Sedona (Known for the scenery) is also only 2 hours away. Remember though, you are in serious desert in the southern half of the United States and please be prepared to have water with you! Snakes also love the southern US, so don’t wander to far in the dark. Especially when hiking in places like Camelback Mountain or Squaw Peak which are very popular among tourists. At night, one might not get a passerby for hours if needing help. Please use caution.