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Most people don’t seem to think of anything other than Las Vegas in Nevada, but Reno is not the little brother of the gambling kingdom. Reno certainly offers more than just a small desert city with a few slot machines. Reno is located on the base of the Sierra Nevada mountain range and is only an hour from Lake Tahoe – a very popular holiday destination on the west coast. Reno has a great historical standpoint from when it was just a place with a log bridge to cross over for people to make their way to the California Gold Rush. Here, he made a few places to eat and it has since expanded into the place it is today, a true desert oasis.

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If you do want to gamble and think not much exists outside of Las Vegas in Nevada, you will be sadly mistaken. Reno attracts many people for gambling, especially to famous places like Club Cal*Neva, Circus Circus, and the many other famous hotel/casinos. Many people come to Reno just to gamble and skip out on heading to Las Vegas altogether.

However, even if you aren’t into gambling, you can still find so much to do in Reno that is family friendly. Why not do some of the world famous hiking trails and mountain biking? Peavine Mountain is one of the best places in the area for outdoor activities.

If you want to see something that is not just slot machines and card tables, why not head over to Nevada Museum of Art? National Automobile Museum? Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts? Or head to Idlewild Park for the skatepark and some nice little hiking trails. It’s not all about money in this great city. If you love walking around in nature, you can also check out the Truckee River Walk.
Some of the most important archeological sites in the western US are just outside of Reno and only around 50 miles. Some of the things to see are almost 10,000 years old.

Near the university if you feel like exploring, you’ll find an arboretum and Rancho San Rafael Park. This 570-acre county park is incredibly beautiful and worth going to clear the mind and plan your next destination.

If you enjoy adventurous activities, rent a kayak at Wingfield Park and cruise around.

What to see and do

One of the most famous sights in Whittier is The Jonathan Bailey House. Like said earlier, Whittier has much historical significance and the history of this place dates back to 1860 and is the home to the first residence of the city. For those looking for something off-the-wall to do while in Whittier, why not check out the largest single-location cemetery in the entire world, Rose Hills Memorial Park? Not to mention, it hosts an abundance of old graves since it was finished in the year 1942.

Although you may want to get away from Hollywood, many famous movies shot a lot of scenes here. Films like Back to the Future, Disturbia, Hocus Pocus, and True Blood (to name a few) have all had scenes shot here.

Many people who come here however come to see the Pio Pico State Historical Park, which was the home of the last Governor of Alta California. It is a California Historical Landmark and an important one showcasing the roots of California itself.

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Not many places are quite as congested and frustrating like Los Angeles. Although California drivers seem to be a bit more aggressive, it is best to keep your wits about you and drive the speed limit. California has high penalties for speeding, so keep that in mind when people want to race in Hollywood! Everyone wants to be a movie star. Drinking and driving is illegal in California, which is hard to comprehend since most movie stars seem to enjoy doing it. Watch your speed and watch out for people deciding to walk out in front of your car, especially downtown!