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San Francisco is truly a blend of everything. A lot of people refer to the USA as a melting pot of different cultures and landscape. One of the reasons is because of the 8 million people that live in San Francisco and in the surrounding areas. Not only that, it is the second-most densely populated city in the United States next to New York. It is also home to the biggest China town outside of the country of China. It is home to a large variety of different foods, cultures, nightlife, landscapes, and architecture. All of these wonderful things are wrapped into one city that attracts 17 million visitors each year! That is correct, 17 million people from all around the year coagulate in this California city to enjoy what it has to offer. It should be known that due to how many people live here, how many tourists there are, and the roads – it is a smart idea to be well experienced when driving your RV in the downtown area.

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San Francisco is also known for the major hills that are staggered throughout the area. When leaving the city center it is no problem driving around. Don’t forget to stand next to the monumental Golden Gate Bridge and marvel that is one of the man-made wonders of the world.

Recommended campervan rental drives from San Francisco Airport:

Recommended campervan drives from San Francisco Airport:

San Francisco International Airport is only 13 miles from the city itself, but once you reach it you should definitely understand that you are in a place full of history that can take you to endless destinations. Luckily, for those that get here one can easily hop onto the BART (train) and get right into the city no problem. The second busiest airport in California means that it has an incredibly high amount of traffic every day, giving flights to almost over 45 million people every year and over 400 thousand flights as well! If you want to get anywhere in the world, this is where you want to be – some of the flights reaching as far as Dubai-International or Abu Dhabi.

With almost 40 different airlines, there is a budget level for any customer going anywhere. Everything at this airport is done with a high amount of expertise and years of experience, considering it opened in May 7, 1927 on the cow pasture it once was. At that time, it was named Mills Field Municipal Airport. Not until 1955 was it renamed San Francisco International Airport. With four terminals and seven concourses arranged in a ring, it should be no problem navigating to your next wonderful destination