Budget RV Rental Savannah, Georgia

RV Rental Savannah,GA is a popular choice and a fun way to get the most out of Savannah,Georgia. We are able to put you in touch with RV lovers that have decided to grow the ever expanding peer to peer rental market in th Savannah with RVshare.

Renting direct from an owner near you has advantages over the traditional booking via El Monte RV, for example. Extras that you would normally have top pay for are often inclined fro free when you book direct with the powner. 

Savannah is best experienced in a rented RV. This city is known for more than being the oldest city in Georgia. Savannah is rich in history and as such, many people come to experience its history in every step with cobblestone streets and in every corner with historic houses and buildings. Savannah’s downtown area is one of the largest National Historic Landmark Districts and is home to more than twenty squares with historic churches, museums, homes, and other historical points. Friends, couples, and families alike can find entertainment whether they enjoy a quiet scenery, art, bar scenes, or even adventure.

An adventure idea that starts with Savannah, Georgia is by taking a road trip with a mobile home. There are a lot of RV parks scattered around Savannah where you can park your campervan for a number of nights such as the Red Gate Campground. This is especially recommended if you are on a budget because a motorhome will slash the need to rent both a hotel room and a car, hence, saving some money on your budget.

Savannah, Georgia Campervan Rental Holidays Ideas

Cumberland Island, a popular destination in Georgia, is fortunately just about 2 hours away from Savannah. You can drive your Winnebago along the scenic coast of US 17 where you can stop over a couple towns (and even St. Simons Island) before finally arriving in Cumberland Island. Another town you can pass through with remarkable attractions is Darien, located in the Golden Isles. Visitors can take a stroll in the waterfront where they dock the shrimp boats. You can also admire landscaping along the Darien River and just relax with what this town has to offer.

At the end of the trip, we have the Cumberland Island National Seashore. The island boasts of its variety of wildlife, including horses freely roaming in the wild. Other wildlife that can be found are the regular ducks, deer, and alligator and also rarer animals such as indigo snakes and loggerhead sea turtles. There are also historical sites and ruins that visitors can explore. Notable sites are the Dungeness ruins and Plum Orchard Mansion. Aside from sightseeing, visitors can also enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and camping.

If you don’t have a mobile home, you always have the option of renting one for self-drive. There’s even a one way rental option. There are many people who choose to hire campervans. There are a lot of cheap offers from companies but be sure to do your research before hiring one. You’re renting one for convenience and convenience should be what you get. But above all, make sure you enjoy the Georgia experience, no matter how you choose to do so.