Why Iceland is Popular For Campervan Holidays

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Reason Why Is Iceland So Popular For Campervan Holidays

Iceland is a campervan paradise for many reasons. The country is renowned for its sharp contrasts. It’s a place where fire and ice have no problem existing side by side. This couldn’t be clearer than the presence of beautiful snowy mountains and spellbinding hot volcanoes.
Not only are its winters dark, but also the summers are popular because of the strange phenomenon of midnight sun. The insular existence of the country has created one of the richest and most vibrant cultures in the world.

These and the following reasons make Iceland a true paradise for lovers of campervan holidays.

Cheaper rentals

Campervan rentals are cheaper in Iceland. It’s cheaper for you to rent and travel in a campervan to any destination of your choice than it is to find accommodation in a hotel anywhere in Iceland. Moreover, you pay less for a campervan than you do for a hotel and car combined.
Predictable/unpredictable weather
Iceland has a predictably unpredictable weather. This is exciting for travelers who want something that makes their blood pump faster excitedly. Therefore, the secret is to be ready to pack and travel at a moment’s notice when in the country.

Favorable laws

Iceland is a paradise for campervan holiday seekers because of its favorable law. The law allows holiday makers to pack their campervans anywhere but only for a single night. What’s more, the law allows you to eat whatever you deem edible enough.

No restrictions

When traveling in a campervan, you’re free to go anywhere you wish in Iceland. Its rugged landscape is one of the country’s main attractions. You’re free to sleep wherever you want. You’re free to do whatever you want, as long as it doesn’t involve breaking the law.

Less populated lands

Each square kilometer within Iceland has population of 3 people only. Therefore, traveling in a campervan allows you to disappear from the face of the earth for a few hours or days. This is great news for people who desire to take time off away from the hassle and bustle of daily life.

Ample parking

Iceland has no law stating that you must reserve a spot at any camp site of your choice. This is wonderful news as it means you only need to show up and pack your campervan at any location of your choice within the camp site. Nobody will demand that you leave your chosen spot.

Long ring road

Iceland is a huge island with an asphalt-based ring road. Therefore, you can travel and drive anywhere along this road safely with just about any type of a campervan. It will take you 7-9 days to drive round the ring road while watching some amazing attractions along the way.
Planning the campervan trip is almost an anathema in Iceland. The secret is to be near your campervan at all times and take advantage of positive weather changes to drive to your preferred destination. It is all right to travel without a plan too as the country has a lot to see and enjoy.
Therefore, you now have good reasons for visiting Iceland for a campervan holiday.