McRent Motorhomes Germany

McRent is one of the largest motorhome rental firms in Europe. It takes great pride in calling itself the campervan expert. The company allows customers to choose their preferred type or model of campervan or motorhome to rent. Customers receive the exact motorhomes that they requested for use in traveling around Germany, enabling touring holidays with the freedom to visit top-rated attractions such as Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Cologne Cathedral and The Black Forest to name a few.

McRent makes traveling around Germany in a motorhome an activity full of independence and freedom. With the motorhome, travelers do not have to worry about obligations as well as limitations but are free to decide on the perfect itinerary based on their needs and preferences. McRent allows travelers around Germany to rent motorhomes at reasonable rates. Moreover, the motorhomes are among the most comfortable for any form of traveling around Germany.

McRent has different motorhome rental stations located all over Germany.

Rent motorhome in Aalen
Informations on station McRent Services GmbH
Knappenstraße 11-13
73433 Aalen
Phone: +49 7361 92990
Fax: +49 7361 929929

Rent motorhome in Dettingen/Teck
Informations on station FREIZEIT-MOBIL(E)-CHARTIER GbR
73265 Dettingen/Teck

Rent motorhome in Isny im Allgäu
Informations on station McRent Isny GmbH
Rauchstraße 4
88316 Isny im Allgäu

Rent motorhome in Malsch
Informations on station McRent Karlsruhe/Baden GmbH
Daimlerstraße 20 B
76316 Malsch

Rent motorhome in Stockach
Informations on station McRent Service GmbH
Johann-Glatt-Strasse 4
78333 Stockach

Rent motorhome in Mannheim
Informations on station McRent Mannheim/Heidelberg GmbH
Steinzeugstrasse 21
68229 Mannheim

Rent motorhome in Maulburg
Informations on station McRent Rheinfelden GmbH
Alemannenstraße 33
79689 Maulburg

Rent motorhome in Sindelfingen
Informations on station McRent Stuttgart GmbH
Mahdentalstraße 72
71065 Sindelfingen

The discounts and rates that the company charges for rental motorhome is dependant on the season, availability, type of campervan rented and other factors. The minimum rental time is between 7-14 days. The company runs different packages depending on the vehicle class. In this regard, customers can choose from special groups, compact, family, comfort and plus.

Special class is for vehicles with a maximum of 4 beds and 4 seats but without shower or WC. Compact Standard is for motorhomes with a maximum of 2 beds and 4 seats, but includes bath and shower. The group family is a semi-integrated motorhome equipped with 4 beds. Under the group premium category, travelers will find motorhomes with total permissible weight of more than 3.5 tons while others have lengths of more than 8 meters.

All the motorhomes available at McRent are from brands such as Globecar, Sunlight and Dethleffs.

If you need to place your booking for a motorhome today, do not forget to visit McRent Germany.