Campervan Iceland

Camper Iceland is a motorhome as well as a 4×4-camper rental company. The company has a rental station that is a mere 5 minutes away from the main airport. The fleet of campervans and motorhomes that the company has accords travelers the chance to choose from several models according to their budgets as well as needs and preferences. All motorhomes and campervans undergo regular maintenance to ensure that they are in great condition at all times.

Iceland is home to some of the toughest terrains in Europe. To counter this, Camper Iceland runs a fleet that includes Dacia Duster 4×4 SUV that can handle the toughest of terrains in the country. With these campervans, traveling to top destinations such as Blue Lagoon in Grindavik or in Aurora Borealis to watch the Northern Lights will never be problematic. In fact, the fleet that includes JEEP Wrangler RUBICON makes the entire journey worthwhile and enjoyable.

Camper Iceland owns what it calls the hotel on wheels, which refers to one of it’s fleets – SEA Motorhome. Where motorhomes are concerned, Camper Iceland has 3 types for travelers to choose. The smallest camper is for up to 4 travelers. The larger model is capable of carrying up to 5 travelers comfortably. The biggest motorhome has the capacity of carrying up to 6 travelers comfortably to any top destination in Iceland.

Camper Iceland owns the largest fleet of 4×4 campers in the country. Part of the fleet includes Adventure 4×4 camper and the luxury 4×4 camper. The 4×4 campers are not only bigger and more spacious, but also contain amenities such as hot shower/water and toilets thus guaranteeing comfortable traveling experience while on vacation to any destination in Iceland. Travelers are free to choose extras such as child seats, GPS and accommodation but at additional fees.
Therefore, visit Camper Iceland today to book your motorhome in preparation for the upcoming vacation.