Cruise America RV Rental Review

Cruise America has 119 different locations across the great United States, making them a great choice for those looking to zigzag around the USA. They have been in business for over 4 decades, which helps them hone in on their customers and know exactly what they need to offer to make sure they have satisfied clients. Their prices fluctuate as to the season and what time of the year it is, due to the large amounts of people traveling in the summer time. Some of the main head offices and depots for their company include Seattle, Los Angeles, Long Island, and Miami!

They offer 3 different RVs, all for a different size of the family. Their compact vehicle, at 19 feet long, is their most commonly rented vehicle and features a V8 engine and has a berth size for 3 people. Their standard RV is 25 feet long and can sleep comfortably 5 people. Their largest vehicle they offer at the moment is able to sleep 7 people and features a V10 engine to haul its gigantic size. It is 30 feet long! They feature many different specials on their website throughout the year, so it is smart to keep updated to make sure you get the best deal! Cruise America have been given positive reviews , why wait book with them today. Book Cruise America campervan in Atlanta and other USA locations with RV Rental Network

Cost of RV Rental with Cruise America

The cost really depends on on the time of year plus the extras that you require. Off season bookings are much cheaper than high season as is true of most rental companies. However the cost of extras remain the same and can add up to a sizable amount. These costs can be avoided if you are able to find a camper with a peer to peer rental network that  has all the extras included as standard. As such it will be worth checking availability with RVshare or Outdoorsy. 

Cruise America a few pros and cons


  • Some great deals if book early or out of season
  • RV's are pet friendly
  • The RV's are well designed for the purpose.
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  • Limited choice of RV's for rent
  • Millage is limited on daily basis, your are allowed 100 miles per day. If do less you will refunded if do more then charged an additional 35¢  per miles. One ways you are permitted 250 miles per day with same over under use policy.
  • A fair amount of bad reviews.


Can work cheap if booking in the off season. When comparing prices take into account the cost of basic extras such as kitchen utensils and bedding as these are additional costs added on with Cruise America