Petroni Motorhomes Croatia

Petroni is a motorhome rental company that operates in Croatia. The company has a wide range of trailers and camping equipment that travelers to Croatia can rent for an enjoyable adventure and vacation while in the country. Croatia is a magical country and home to some of the most spellbinding attractions in the world. The best way to view the major attractions that the country has to offer is by traveling in a spacious and comfortable motorhome or camper.

Some of the major attractions in Croatia include the Old Town Walls in Dubrovnik, the Palace in Split located in Diocletian, Hvar Town and the Plitvice National Park among others. The company is willing to help travelers under 21 years of age to negotiate for insurance as well, which is mandatory when hiring motorhomes. The company has affordable rates, which do not include fuel, highway tolls, dishes and other types of extras, thus the importance of preparedness.

During the super high season, the company allows travelers to hire motorhomes for a minimum of 10 days. The minimum number of days to hire the motorhomes and campervans during the high season as well as low and mid seasons is 7 days and 5 days respectively. The company mostly deals with travelers aged 25 years and above. It offers several types of discounts based on the number of days for which travelers want to hire the motorhomes or campervans.

Petroni has different sizes and models of motorhomes available for renting. The smallest motorhome is the Iveco MPW that has room for only 2 travelers. On the other hand, the company offers several brands of motorhomes spacious enough to carry up to 6 travelers. All the motorhomes come fitted with beds and showers. Some of the models that it has include Petromax, Challenger Genesis, Rimor and Adria Izola among others.
To book your preferred motorhome when planning to travel to Croatia on vacation, visit Petroni.