Road Bear has 6 different locations in the United States, while they are small compared to other bigger companies – they make up with customer service and the variety of different vehicles offered. Of all the companies in the USA, Road Bear offers the newest vehicles. They all range from 2015-2016, so you know you are getting a good quality vehicle for your travels. One of the most important things they also offer, aside from the generator they are all equipped with, is the 24-hour emergency assistance they offer. With their 30 years of business, they certainly know how to treat a customer. Road Bear isn’t just lucky, they have been nominated many times but an assortment of different companies. If you also don’t want to go in to their stores and book it there, you can also do it online! They have been ranked #1 Coachmen multiple years from 2004 to 2012, ranked #1 WINNEBAGO rental dealer in 2007, and ranked the #1 Class C dealer in California multiple times over the last 5 years. These awards go to show the pride they take in their company and their work. With their attractive one-way rentals, you can definitely enjoy your trip hassle-free! Some of their locations and headoffice depots are in Denver, Orlando, Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Seattle, and San Francisco.

They currently offer 4 different types of RV, ranging from their smaller engine vehicle for compact vacations to their larger and more grand version. The smallest they offer is a 19-22 V8 or V10 that offers sleeping for 4 people. A little bigger is their 23-26′ vehicle that sleeps 6 people. It also offers a V8/V10 engine. Their 27-30′ version comes with a V10 and offers comfortable sleeping for 7 people. However, for those who really want to cruise in style, their largest is 29-32′ and sleeps 6 people and features a V10 engine. This amenity-rich vehicle is perfect for those on a long holiday! As of April of 2015, all their units now feature TV/DVD,
largest beds, outside storage, and , fresh water tanks. Style is also key, which is why most units also offer hardwood flooring.